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Volume I Cleanup

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Coming in as a new player (registered a while ago, but never got dug in to the rp), there is a lot of information that is out of date/mistitled. I'll do my best to scoop together what I've found (hyperlinks are provided for all entries).


In need of updated title/new thread

"Looking For Tribe - Volume I Edition"

"ARK Voume I - Order & Anarchy: Lost and Found"

"Character and Tribe Permission/Denial Volume I"


In need of updated information

"Faction Information [sign Up Form Included]" (Section titled "How to become a starting faction" no longer relevant)

"How To: Make Your Character Fit the New Lore" (References Volume I, possibly in need to updating/tweaking of information)

-The guide section in general- (Even though there is good information there, a lot of it is out of date considering the shift in server lore. Older guides should either be archived, given a disclaimer to say that they may not reflect current lore, or edited by their OP/passed to someone else to update)


Misc. Issues

"Important Lore Info and Event Recap" (Not stickied despite seeming like important information that conflicts with the current rules provided via the dropdown pages. This should be stickied if relevant (or the lore rules temporarily changed) or marked so that it is clear that it no longer applies.)




There is still a lot of the forums I haven't combed through, and will add into the post (will also check periodically to see if the ones I've listed are fixed to strike them off) unless the staff would prefer another method. I hope this helps.

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With the new Volume coming up and no reactions here, I would like to bring it up to attention again.

Probably on the staff agenda, but since there has been zero response here I figured we can still expand that list above and make sure everything is up to date for the next Volume.

I've spoken to quite a few people before who were lost in the information available, making it hard to find their way in the world of ArkRE.


So my suggestion? Please update the information and perhaps even improve the backend of it.

I feel that some newcomers feel as if they are thrown in with full backpack and no signs showing the way properly or misdirected.


@"November" , have you seen more subjects that were not updated for a while?




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Technically the magic lore from the dropdown menu is outdated, but I'm giving leniency on that considering it's likely to all get revamped with the new volume lore. Otherwise I haven't noticed others, though the faction signup was fixed (forgot to keep checking).


Hopefully we see at least the top section being updated, especially the 'Looking for Tribe' thread because there's a good chance a number of people are going to be looking to fit in with the new Volume.

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