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Questions, Rules Questions & Troubleshooting Guide

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[align=center]Questions, Rules Questions & Troubleshooting Guide[/align]


[align=center]This guide will explain how to use the questions and troubleshooting section to help you the best it can. This forum is split into three parts:[/align]





[align=center]If you have a question to ask which is NOT related to the rules then you should post it in the main questions & troubleshooting forum. There is no set format for general questions but the more information you can give the easier it will be for people to answer. Questions posted in this way are open for public discussions but a staff member will ask if you feel it has been answered before solving it.[/align]


[align=center]Rules Questions[/align]


[align=center]If you instead have a question that IS related to the rules then you should post your question in the Rules Questions subforum. Questions posted here should use the following format and are only allowed to be responded to by staff members and the original poster. Any other posts will be removed.[/align]


[b]Which rule is your question about?:[/b]

[b]What is your question?:[/b]




[align=center]If you have a technical issues with the game, server, website or anything else we use/run then you should also post about it in the main questions & troubleshooting forum. Similar to normal question this has no set template required but please include as much information as possible to make it easier to help you. Please note however that we cannot fix bugs with the core game, nor are we the developers of the game and able to help with any server other than ours.[/align]

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