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Prized beasts of Frostforge ((WTS/WTB))

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//To reach me I prefer that you send me a PM via forums or write a reply and we'll discuss the important details there, because I'm not online 24/7 (you can also just PM me for my exact location and then we can meet in-game). You can also reach me via radio (frequency 1). Happy reading! All the updates from sales will be in the comments below.


A magnificent argentavis is seen flying over the skies, dropping little pieces of paper as it goes along. After one nearly lands on your face you either decide to read it, curiously, or curse the man who had thought that it was wise to distribute the notes in such an old-fashioned way. Nevertheless, this is what the note says:


"Did someone steal your sweetroll and you had nothing to protect yourself with? Are you unable to visit the cloud district very often because you have nothing that would take you so high? Well, sir-or-lady, you search is over. You know, I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee, so I simply decided to spend my time taming the beasts that roam near my lands. 


So without further lollygagging, I have - along with some items - decided to put some on sale (the first segment) and since I am also looking for some precious loot, down below are also the things I am kind of looking for (the second segment).




Animals for sale:

- Argentavisi ((213, 223, 223 - all tamed at 145 w/ prime meat))

- Sabertooth cats ((242, 215, 213 - 1st one tamed at 135, rest at 140 - w/ prime meat))

- Direwolves ((226, 220,  211, 211, 190 - apart from the last one, all were tamed at 140-145 - w/ prime meat)); the weakest among them will be given away for free to those who want it.

- Lystrosaurus ((158 - tamed around ~90 - w/ rare flowers))

- Mammoth ((196, tamed around 120, mejoberries, still very strong though and a great wood farmer))

- Rex ((150, tamed around 90, prime meat))


All animals come with their respective saddles.


Services I can provide:

Taming specific beasts that live in the northernest parts of The Center. My direwolf taming methods have proved themselves to be quite respectable and you will find a lot of people all over the islands who travel alongside my ex-pets. I have recently adapted this method for argentavisi and they seem to be doing great as well. In general, my method does really well for all carnivores found around my place: dimetrodons, sarcos, rexes, saberteeth, beelzebufos and some others.


Goods for sale:

- Cementing paste

- Metal ingots

- Chitin

- Leech Blood


[bUYING] ((meaning everything that I would be willing to accept for the payment of any of the above listed things))


Animals I'm interested in:

- Megalodon

- Plesiosaur

- Castoroides

- Ichty (maybe)


Services I'm interested in:

- Boat building: I have long dreamed of a boat that would be both aesthethically pleasing to a human eye and useful for both fishing and transporting atleast one argentavis. ((Very interested in that!!))

- Safehouses for water creatures: Preferably northern side of the continent


Goods I'm interested in (no specific order):

- Stegosaur eggs

- Terror Bird eggs

- Scorpion eggs

- Rare flower

- Sparkpowder

- Gunpowder

- Sap

- Black pearls


And that is pretty much it. You can find my place at Frostforge, a cliffiside fort up-north where fire meets frost and check out my "stock" or contact me via Radio. As always, the frequency where I can be found is "1". Looking forward to dealing with you!


- Walter E. Kurtz"


//Thanks for taking your time and reading through the letter. :)

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//Two of the argentavisi (the ones with level 223) have been sold. One remains. More will be ready next week and will be of similar strength.

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//One direwolf (one of the two 211) has been sold. A new addition to the list is a bit stronger direwolf - current level 220, tamed at 150. I've also updated that the direwolf at level 190 is being given away for free. First comes, first served.

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