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    • The Shinigami Gurido:The Shinigami Or The God’s Of Death Are a elite Faction that are a band of Assasians Mages And everything. They kill for their Guild and will do anything to survive legend has it they have sacrificed their children. their ranking system Goes from. E As the lowest D as second lowest C,B, A and then the Shinigami King.
    • Background: The Kingdom of Dracaea (Drah-see-ah) was a prosperous kingdom rich in culture, gold, and magic. The Kingdom was located merely half a days flight (by airship) from the University and was located in a tropical valley surrounded by tall mountains impassable on foot. Once arriving in the valley you can see farms of tropical fruits, fibers and animals before arriving at the middle of the valley where a grand city,the capital city called (TBD) stands at its center a castle with gleaming towers embedded with the gold that can be found abundantly beneath the mountains standing at the center. Other notable buildings around the city are a landing pad for massive airships both cargo and passenger, the barracks of the Royal Knights and several large towers powering the various magical spells of the city. Now the city was known for its trade of tropical foods and silks, gold, but most notably for its Royal Knights (knights who could use magical power added to their fighting abilities). The Royal Knights were well disciplined protected the kingdom at all costs. Now the Kingdom of Dracaea is structured similar to most kingdoms with a king and the title passed down to the first born or direct family, however the a vote by the nobles AND Royal knights can change the ruling family , or if the direct family is killed who will replace them.   History: The kingdom of Dracaea was founded sometime shortly after the founding of the University when the First King (his name has since been forgotten) United the valley through a bloody war using a revolutionary military tactic, combining sword skilled knights with magical combat. Many years pass and the kingdom built up passing the royal line around to several families. Now 10 years ago the neighboring kingdom attacked and was repelled after 8 years of fighting, However the royal family was completely wiped out in the process. The nobles and Royal knight leaders convened and elected the Grand Master of the Royal Knights Sir Leonor, hero in many of the final battles of the war, to the title of king marking the first time in history that a Royal Knight held the throne.Now a little over 2 years after the crowning, the military led a coup against the crown. They attacked during the night striking first at the royal knights, killing most in their sleep or controlling them through some type of spell before they moved on to the castle where the surviving Royal Knights had retreated too and a lengthy battle ensued inflicting massive losses on the military side before the Knights were defeated. The king and his court were told to flee and return some day and they departed on an airship for new lands to rebuild. This is how a king, his court and some Royal Knights Arrived in this new land....
    • Welcome! Thanks for checking us out, look forward to seeing you at our events post Christmas season!
    • Hello everyone. This is a little awkward. I was apparently on the old website and didn't realize it until I joined the discord to try and get some help, that's okay though, I'm here now! I have been trying to find an ARK rp server for a few months now- I decided to try and give this one a shot. I have been roleplaying for about a decade now though most of my experience is text based (paragraph form so something like 2-4 paragraphs per post). I live in Louisiana and am 26 years old, and I enjoy playing video games as well as drawing most of the time. I am very excited to join this community and give it a shot- it's been a while since I last joined a forum or roleplayed in a group, I'm a bit shy, and the first time I think I've actively tried to join a roleplay server for a video game.If anyone would like to contact me, my steam name is: AmberGauge and my discord is: AmberGauge#7912 so feel free to add me there or talk with me. I actually have some questions about how to make a character as well as the application process so if anyone would be free to talk about that/answer my questions please message me.
    • Last night 12/8 an errant whistle sent my Mag off into the map and she was found floating at the top of the world. Attempts to TP the pet to the ground resulted I. Said pet floating back to the map ceiling. I decided to let the animal be until rest in the hope that the bug or glitch would clear.   Today 12/8 I noticed Catachman on discord, who had noticed a mag stuck in another players barns killing a tame. Upon investigating, the player was killed and then my creature killed Azer's Ankie and Direbear. With the help of Ape, Catachman was able to retrieve his gear and the Mag was removed from the barn. There was no destruction of buildings by my Mag.   Looking back, it is likely that I whistled the pet to aggressive when trying to back out if the added emote menu and hit subtract on my number pad. At the same time, the mag was glitched by a bug and was irretrievable last night. However I take full responsibility for the activity of the aggressive dining and wish for the players affected to let me know if they request action against me, or reperation.   Erruka    
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