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  3. The Shinigami Gurido:The Shinigami Or The God’s Of Death Are a elite Faction that are a band of Assasians Mages And everything. They kill for their Guild and will do anything to survive legend has it they have sacrificed their children. their ranking system Goes from. E As the lowest D as second lowest C,B, A and then the Shinigami King.
  4. Background: The Kingdom of Dracaea (Drah-see-ah) was a prosperous kingdom rich in culture, gold, and magic. The Kingdom was located merely half a days flight (by airship) from the University and was located in a tropical valley surrounded by tall mountains impassable on foot. Once arriving in the valley you can see farms of tropical fruits, fibers and animals before arriving at the middle of the valley where a grand city,the capital city called (TBD) stands at its center a castle with gleaming towers embedded with the gold that can be found abundantly beneath the mountains standing at the center. Other notable buildings around the city are a landing pad for massive airships both cargo and passenger, the barracks of the Royal Knights and several large towers powering the various magical spells of the city. Now the city was known for its trade of tropical foods and silks, gold, but most notably for its Royal Knights (knights who could use magical power added to their fighting abilities). The Royal Knights were well disciplined protected the kingdom at all costs. Now the Kingdom of Dracaea is structured similar to most kingdoms with a king and the title passed down to the first born or direct family, however the a vote by the nobles AND Royal knights can change the ruling family , or if the direct family is killed who will replace them. History: The kingdom of Dracaea was founded sometime shortly after the founding of the University when the First King (his name has since been forgotten) United the valley through a bloody war using a revolutionary military tactic, combining sword skilled knights with magical combat. Many years pass and the kingdom built up passing the royal line around to several families. Now 10 years ago the neighboring kingdom attacked and was repelled after 8 years of fighting, However the royal family was completely wiped out in the process. The nobles and Royal knight leaders convened and elected the Grand Master of the Royal Knights Sir Leonor, hero in many of the final battles of the war, to the title of king marking the first time in history that a Royal Knight held the throne.Now a little over 2 years after the crowning, the military led a coup against the crown. They attacked during the night striking first at the royal knights, killing most in their sleep or controlling them through some type of spell before they moved on to the castle where the surviving Royal Knights had retreated too and a lengthy battle ensued inflicting massive losses on the military side before the Knights were defeated. The king and his court were told to flee and return some day and they departed on an airship for new lands to rebuild. This is how a king, his court and some Royal Knights Arrived in this new land....
  5. Feen


    Chapter 1:Thana Through the combined efforts of a team of Scholars and Engineers a new continent has been discovered, new islands have been mapped and the new continent is ripe for settling. The Scholars prepare a settlement mission with the help of the Engineers and set out for the new world in a mighty airship.
  6. Welcome! Thanks for checking us out, look forward to seeing you at our events post Christmas season!
  7. Hello everyone. This is a little awkward. I was apparently on the old website and didn't realize it until I joined the discord to try and get some help, that's okay though, I'm here now! I have been trying to find an ARK rp server for a few months now- I decided to try and give this one a shot. I have been roleplaying for about a decade now though most of my experience is text based (paragraph form so something like 2-4 paragraphs per post). I live in Louisiana and am 26 years old, and I enjoy playing video games as well as drawing most of the time. I am very excited to join this community and give it a shot- it's been a while since I last joined a forum or roleplayed in a group, I'm a bit shy, and the first time I think I've actively tried to join a roleplay server for a video game.If anyone would like to contact me, my steam name is: AmberGauge and my discord is: AmberGauge#7912 so feel free to add me there or talk with me. I actually have some questions about how to make a character as well as the application process so if anyone would be free to talk about that/answer my questions please message me.
  8. Amphitrite

    Reindeer Roundup!

    We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy Holiday Season! From today until Sunday we'll be dropping "gifts" around the map! Be on the hunt for Red and Green "Reindeer"! Once you catch one, check its inventory, it has a gift just for you! From all the staff on ARK:RE Merry Christmas!!!
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    Data collection event complete! See the next event later on tomorrow!
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    Among spinning machines and wiring technology, a screen resembling some sort of map would beep at a constant annoying rate, the map flashing to a specific point somewhere in what looked to be the “Infected Zone”. “GOD. Will someone please shut that machine up?” Camelot screamed from the barracks, “This is why I hate going on long expeditions with scientists. They always have the most annoying machines.” He continued. After the scream had echoed through the base a clatter and crash came from Dr Elizabeth’s office. Papers flutter to the ground behind the Doctor as she burst through the force field that was her door. In a fit of excitement she jumped the railing, skipping the staircase all together, she raced into the lab heading for the beeping machine. “WE DID IT! We found it!” Ordering the Knights to the command station, she immediately brought up an image of the map. “The Kaiju, that's it’s location. We ran the biometric data from the collections people gave us and were able to lock in on this location. The Kaiju seems to be sleeping or resting, there has been no activity around that area for a while. Which is why we were unable to track it up until now.” “Either way, we have a location Camelot, go with the locals and take it out”, the order, clear and concise. “Yes ma’am” Camelot responded, turning on his heel. With a single flick of his finger, the rest of the Knights were right on his tail headed for the launch bay.
  11. Last night 12/8 an errant whistle sent my Mag off into the map and she was found floating at the top of the world. Attempts to TP the pet to the ground resulted I. Said pet floating back to the map ceiling. I decided to let the animal be until rest in the hope that the bug or glitch would clear. Today 12/8 I noticed Catachman on discord, who had noticed a mag stuck in another players barns killing a tame. Upon investigating, the player was killed and then my creature killed Azer's Ankie and Direbear. With the help of Ape, Catachman was able to retrieve his gear and the Mag was removed from the barn. There was no destruction of buildings by my Mag. Looking back, it is likely that I whistled the pet to aggressive when trying to back out if the added emote menu and hit subtract on my number pad. At the same time, the mag was glitched by a bug and was irretrievable last night. However I take full responsibility for the activity of the aggressive dining and wish for the players affected to let me know if they request action against me, or reperation. Erruka
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    A voice would echo through the radio which sounds very familiar as the friendly Dr Elizabeth. “Hello! We, the EDF have some good news to share, since our arrival we have been collecting specimens to identify the nature and origin of the Kaiju, as of today we have been able to confirm that these Kaiju originate from the same plane as the ones who attacked earth on our timeline. To that end our science team will be arriving within the next few days, I have discussed our next moves with the leader of our Knights, Camelot and we have decided that the best course of action is to hunt and kill the flying Kaiju we have nicknamed ‘Manta’.” -- A break in the radio communication -- -- Squelch as her message continues -- “To track this beast we need your help! We will be placing a box at a centralized location which will have refrigeration technology built in. On your travels outside the domes we ask that you look for the following items and place them in the box so our science team can utilize the bio-signature to track the exact location of the beast, at which time our Knights will move out to ensure it will never hurt anyone again!” “We need the following: 1,000 or so of the hearts of the creatures that have been infected by the rift’s power. 1,000 Rift nodes, these can bee seen along the body of the infected creatures and gathered quite easily. 2,500 Black pearls, although these are found in nature normally we find these infected creatures and the Kaiju themselves produce them for some bodily function. 2 taxidermies of each of the infected creatures, one male and one female. "With these resources we will be able to track the location of the rift itself, as many of you have indicated you were able to inflict some damage to the Kaiju the last time it approached the city, so it will have retreated to the rift’s exact location for repairs. Once we have the resources we will set up a time to meet with the local scientists to help track the location and see what we can discover.” "There will be a collection box for these items placed directly under the GREEN tower, shortly." //GREEN OBELISK “Thank you for all your help and we look forward to taking this beast down together and seeing earth’s future shine ever brighter!” -- Squelch as the radio transmission ends -- --------------------------------------OOC START------------------------------------------ The box we will be putting down is a refrigerated trough. Here is the list of items we need you awesome people to collect 1,000 Corrupted hearts 1,000 Corrupted Nodules (we know the need refrigeration) 2,500 Black pearls 2 taxadermies of each of the corrupted creatures //NOTE (Not about the event): We will also be putting on a few PvE events for mechanics and scientists to take part in some discussions and upgrades working towards the release of our “Mek purchasing system” which will allow tribes to gain the power of Meks under certain conditions. Look forward to an announcement as the RP progresses! --------------------------------------OOC END------------------------------------------ FEEDBACK IN THE COMMENTS!!!!!!
  13. Jesse

    Expedition to the North

    A radio call would be going out throughout the day saying the following, "This is Lancelot of the EDF, I am looking for any individual experienced with dealing with these corrupted creatures. I intent to lead an expedition far north into that corrupted area. Those that are interested should meet me at the northern gate of the city facing this corrupted area".
  14. Feen

    The Wall of Life Part 1

    *A Radio message repeating a few times* "Hello people of the city, My name is Feen Brand I live in the city at Cyberdine Laboratories where we have been working on ground breaking technology as well as a potential solution to the Kaiju issue of them breaching the city again. However we lack the manpower and resources to complete this massive undertaking by ourselves so i will be hosting a meeting at 44.1 39.2 to discuss this as well as another matter. " //OOC This will be a small non combat event talking about a new project and making friends. 3 PM EST Sat 01 ((Feel Free to take this message IC))
  15. Elated it soared into the city with a great ROAR. Calling out to set fear into the minds of those who had dared settle in their domains. Reaching out to the minds of the corrupted Wyvern, driving them to a fury, it sent them into the city. They will pay! They will DIE! It could feel the power of nearby element energy. They would learn! It continued to roar, Let. Them. Squirm. Hatred rose inside it, look at the way they tried to fight back. It focused all attention on pursuing the pests flying in front of it. The meteor came out of nowhere, such was its focus on its prey. Pain rushed across its back! Spitting rage it roared again. Let them burn in Baelfire! They reap all that they have sown! Rushing towards the safety of the rift it blink beyond their reach and eyes. OOC: Quick write-up of the mini-event Saturday
  16. The sky cracked opened. Through the fissure came the beast. Arcing over the world it floated, gliding upon its massive wings. It surged forward. Once. Twice. Letting out a tremendous roar that echoed around the planet. Satisfaction at the state of this world drifted through its mind as the echos returned and returned. But…. was that a city… in what state was it? Swiftly, turning its hulking body, it sped towards that bastion. Its mind reeled as it entered the city. This place was not as empty as we thought! What are these things doing here?! The figures on flying creatures landed upon its back. How dare they! They were beneath its notice, it would see what they where. Then one of the filth dare fire upon it. With a violent roar its anger seethed. Veering towards the corrupted patch of the earth blood spilt by these.. These, INSECTS! Its anger grew. I will not let this pass. We will not let you live. We will be back.. And I will not be alone… OOC: Just a quick write-up from the mini-event Friday night
  17. https://ytcropper.com/cropped/dv5bf0aba631009 A loud smash, followed by the whirring of a machine could be heard for miles in every direction. Beckoning anyone in range to gather around the machine. Suddenly the machine whirrs faster and faster, speeding up. A moment later a large mechanical machine steps through the light and plants it’s giant foot firmly on the ground, stepping clear of the light. Following behind the machine are some soldiers clad in white and black step through the portal into the courtyard. On their shoulders a distinctive insignia with the letters E.D.F can be seen. Moments later the machine that brought them here stops completely, shutting down in a mess of sparks and crackles. A snap could be heard as a large piece of the machine breaks off completely, narrowly missing the soldiers. As the dust settles introductions begin, just as a howl could be heard in the distance. Immediately the soldiers freeze, turning pale white. Then all at once they could be heard announcing a singular word, in a cold fear; “Kaiju!” -- JOIN US FOR EVENT #1 - Back From the Future - November 25th 2018 at 2pm EST! (expect at least a 30 minute delay to allow for attendees to make their way to the event location) --
  18. Hey all, Welcome to the new website. Hopefully, we've gotten all your accounts and so on transfered over properly and you are able to log in here using your old-site username and password. If you are unable to, you may have to create a new account as yours may have been lost in the transfer but fear not! If you have to, you will not have to re-whitelist and all that. Just let an admin or another staff member know of your situation and we'll be sure to quickly add you into the whitelist database if you have been whitelisted before from the previous site. As always, thanks for your understanding and willingness to cooperate with us as we go through these changes! Best, ~ArkRP Staff Team
  19. Hello,As you all might have noticed Amphi and I missing for the last month, you might have seen Amphi talking about it on discord but in case you didn’t. We have been moving four hours north because Amphi got a new job and because for some reason I enjoy punishing myself. I know you guys have been asking questions about the future but TRUST ME that the future here is bright, we have a TON of exciting projects and tasks going on to find new and interesting ways to give roleplay on Ark a new life and bring new and interesting builds into the game itself. While we were gone the staff team was not idle. They have been busy testing maps, overhaul mods and talking with various community members about their opinions and the pros and cons of various ideas. To that end we dont mind sharing that our objective isn’t to make Ark harder or go back to our routes. Quite the opposite actually we want to bring some of these awesome overhauls into the world of roleplay. We have heard you all, that the game of Ark is boring and getting old, so we have been working our tails off to bring our awesome community some new adventures and mechanics to enrich your roleplay, and you can expect us to continue to work as hard as we can to improve your roleplay as much as we can.Through the testing and discussions we have decided to go back to Aberration for another short volume. Our decision comes from a lack of understanding for some of the balance issues that we might encounter, while we do strive to bring new and interesting environments for you all to roleplay in we don’t want to risk the delicate balance of game mechanics and making sure the environment we do provide is not balanced for only PvP but for realism and roleplay specific events, that cater to PvP, PvE and most importantly RP.With that said, we would like to announce some decisions that we have made based on the feedback we have been given and the conversations we have had with community members over the past few years. First of all, Volume 11 WILL in fact be on the DLC map, when we first did Aberration we committed to everyone we would continue to make sure we made the opportunity available to roleplay on the latest Ark content, we intend on staying true to that mindset. Because the wipe date for Volume 11 depends on when the DLC comes out it means that Volume 10 is put in a bit of a situation where the wipe could change depending on when the DLC is announced. To that effect we have decided to take a bit of a different approach: First we will be moving the server back to a NON DEDICATED box; there are some people who feel our server is to blame for the lag we have seen in the past volumes to that effect we have decided to give it the old college try and see if they are right, Secondly like mentioned earlier we wanted to try going for some new and interesting content, however because of balance issues we decided that Volume 10 will be best experienced on Aberration. We intend to continue to change rules and change environmental effects (such as trying new things to en-richen roleplay) so please keep an open mind as we venture forth into Volume 10, as we intend to turn the ship upside down to find some new content for you all to enjoy for days, weeks and years to come. With that all said we will continue looking at other maps and overhaul mods for after Volume 11, which of course will be on Extinction.We will be wiping on Saturday, October 20th to Aberration. Enjoy and stay tuned for more information.Best,~ Poseidon
  20. Hello everybody With Volume 7 right around the corner the staff team thought it would be beneficial to release a short PSA about turret rules, as we have received a lot of feedback about them. A lot of people this volume have been concerned with the fact that the low range setting on turrets did not allow them to adequately aid in base defence during an attack. We have also received a lot of questions indicating that there may be some confusion as the line of sight rule for turrets that are left on higher ranges/lower warnings all the time.1. Current Turret rules.Currently, it is in the rules that turrets that are outside and powered on must be on the lowest range setting, and the longest warning setting. This rule does not count for turrets that are inside without line of sight to the outside. There has been some confusion here about turrets behind doors. Turrets that are left always on high range or no warning, must have no line of site to the outdoors, even when all doors are open. This is to prevent random travelers from possibly being killed, even if you forget to close your workshop door, or whatever door turrets happen to be behind. Remember that sometimes modded walls can be shot through by turrets, and sometimes things may have line of sight even when they look like they shouldn’t. In the end, it is the tribes responsibility to make sure that nobody outside can be shot by your turrets. It's a good idea to temporarily leave your own tribe, open the doors and run around to make sure you cannot accidently be shot by them.2. Long range turrets.It has come to our attention that a lot of the community may not be aware that long range/no warning turrets can be used outdoors in certain circumstances. If your base is under attack and you receive permission from a staff member, you can temporarily change your turrets to long range/no warning outside. To do this, you must be under active attack, you must receive permission from a staff member, and you must wait for that staff member to send a broadcast out over the server. You will then be given a window of time before your turrest MUST be back within the normal restrictions.3. Just a reminder that there is a 100 turret limit per tribe, that includes all combined bases and outposts. This option helps turrets be useful during base attacks, but not lead to a lot of accidental deaths the rest of the time they are up.If anybody has any questions feel free to reach out to me or any other staff member here on the forums or in discord!
  21. Rule PSA: Use Of The Bed Teleportation Mechanic It has come to our attention that the game mechanic that allows a player to Teleport from one bed to another is being used as an IC means of transportation by some of our community members. From this point forward this must stop. This mechanic is not something allowable in reality nor is it included in the lore for the server. We expect our community to remain IC at all times whilst on the server. Therefore using a mechanic such as teleportation from one bed to another, especially as an IC means of transportation will result in a verbal warning or strike. Go have fun, find some IC means of transport, Diplo bus, griffin, Raft! Anything but the beds!
  22. Rule and Report changes! Hello!These are all of our rule changes and a bit of information on how the report system will be changing as we shift into Volume 4! I would like to note that in addition to these changes we will be making further rule and report changes as we shift towards future volumes and this is just an intermediary step on that path!Rule changes:Removals will look like this: Here is a piece of textAdditions will look like this: Here is a piece of textAny rules being moved will look like this: Here is a piece of textRules that are not mentioned or touched on, remain the same.Community Rules: No Cheating/Glitching/Griefing or abusing game mechanics Includes but is not limited to: Hiding in rocks Building in impossible areas Double walls Clipping through ground/structures Using chairs or saddles to ender enclosed structures Using hacks and or cheat tools Do not abuse loopholes in the rules. Be Honest Whilst posting in reports you must tell the whole truth. Any lies or missing of important details on purpose will be harshly punished.This also applies to appeals, teamspeak conversations with staff regarding reports and so forth. These community rule changes reflect our new objective behind the reports and the GM team. Moving away from forcing the "letter" of the rules and moving back to giving the GMs Judgement abilities over the rules. We have decided to remove The data clarifying cheating/glitching as we feel these should be obvious. If you are abusing a loophole or cheating in any way you should expect to be punished harshly for it that should go without saying. The same thing goes with honesty, you should expect to be punished and or warned if you are dishonest with anyone in the community or the staff team. Especially whilst dealing with reports, this again should go without saying as none of these are "acceptable" anywhere.General PvP Rules: Using Creatures In PVP Creatures which attack you directly in a PvP situation may be attacked or killed until the active situation is over. Creatures whose riders attack you (included mounted turrets) may be attacked or killed until the active situation is over. If a creature belongs to an enemy in an active PvP area but is not being actively used it may only be tranquilized. Picking up other players with flyers in any PvP situation is forbidden. Creatures may be used as demands but only those which are fully matured and below level 200. Pegomastax may be attacked if they steal from you. If it runs back to it’s owner and you see this happen, then you gain attack rights on the owner as well. Other PVP Rules Players may disguise themselves using paint, masks or armor. However doing so voids you of any attack rights you had. Other players retain their attack rights, but only after successfully identifying and informing the player first. Traps may be used in two ways. The first way is by placing them within your own base, you can place any traps as you wish if they are in your base. The second way is out in the wild, you may place traps down but must stay within eyesight of them and RP with anyone caught by them. Traps must also be removed when you leave the area. Sleeping(offline) players should not be stolen from, killed, injured or moved unless for their own safety. Additionally nothing can be removed from a player’s inventory, or taken as IC information without clear confirmation that it is okay from the sleeping player. Obsidian Multi-tools are forbidden to be used in PVP. You may not spam any items that heal you while in active combat exchange. You may not change armor whilst in an RP situation. The Maul, the Morning Star, the Flanged Mace, the Flamethrower and the Bodkin Arrow have all been disabled and are not allowed to be used in PvP or PvE situations. Active PVP Situations If a player is forcefully subdued (knocked out, disarmed etc) or voluntarily surrenders you are not allowed to attack them. However you may take them hostage. Logging out (Combat logging) during roleplay or PvP is not allowed. Please note disconnections do not count as combat logging. Sleeping(offline) players should not be stolen from, killed, injured or moved unless for their own safety. Additionally nothing can be removed from a player’s inventory, or taken as IC information without clear confirmation that it is okay from the sleeping player. Obsidian Multi-tools are forbidden to be used in PVP. During any active PvP situation, roleplay must be provided by both sides, that drives roleplay beyond that specific situation. These are probably some of our biggest changes with the rules. This all goes back to giving the GMs the ability to make judgement calls once again rather than staying to the "letter" of the law. Just because some of these rules are being removed does NOT mean we are going to allow all these things, we are simply making changes to rules such that all of the rules that were created for SPECIFIC situations and or responses to specific situations are removed. Allow me to be blunt because I will not be repeating myself about this: If you are an asshole you should expect to get punished for it. I should not need to add a rule in for every single abusive thing that happens just because it "needs" to be in the rules. We have some awesome rules in place to make sure we all act kindly to each other, and any abuse of those ideals will be met with strikes. The entire point of the strike system is to let you know in the context of the situation that you have made a mistake, they are NOT permanent blemishes on your record, nor have they ever been. The strike system is in place with the understanding that MISTAKES HAPPEN, breaking a rule does not make you the scum of the earth, it just means you have made a mistake. The point in which you will be removed from this community is when you repeat those mistakes with an utter disregard for your fellow community members. So consider these rule changes relevant to removing specific situational rules from the rule-set to allow the GMs to make more judgement call based regulations for when someone has abused a system or abused another player. Also pay close attention to the new roleplay driven rule added to the "Active PvP Situations" section as this should shake up conflict roleplay on the server!Roleplay Rules: OOC & IC Communication If a player accidentally speaks on the radio it is to be taken as if the character had pressed the radio button by accident and taken IC by those who see/hear it. There are specific IC communication rules during PVP, this is detailed in the “General PvP Section” of the rules please refer to those for more information. Players should only speak OOC ingame in situations when it is the only option. This includes explaining glitches, emergency logouts, gameplay problems and such. If you can say something IC instead of OOC do so. OOC talk should be text only and marked with a // in front of it. During PVP or base attack situation all communication must be IC and ingame. You are not allowed to use any external program to discuss the situation until after it is resolved. New Life Rule Once your character dies in game during a PVP or RP situation you may either start a new character (see permadeath rules) or respawn. When you respawn you roleplay that you have been injured and not killed. This results in the following rules taking effect: You are not allowed to instigate or be the aggressor in any PVP situation for 3 hours from your respawn. After respawning you may return to the location of your death, but only after any active fighting is over. You may not touch any bodies or players and are only there to roleplay your injury. In the spirit of the New Life Rule, you are expected to keep track of how many times your character is injured. You must understand that your character is not immortal to damage received, and should act as such. You must keep track of your character's injuries, that would lead to permanent death. These changes are both stylistic cleanup, combined with rewording. The only change here that will impact people is the perma death change. With the new way I am enforcing the GMs powers we will be starting to TELL players that they MUST perma their character if they refuse to keep track of the damage they have taken. We were VERY disappointed with how the rule surrounding this was at times completely ignored, starting now we will be enforcing this new wording, if you refuse to keep track of how many times you die/take an injury then you will be told when your character will perma-death and you will receive a strike. I didnt want to have to do this, but it seems as though in some cases players only care to roleplay like a god, unfortunately although that is a tempting story line, we do not allow god characters and therefore will be taking a heavy stance on this.Creature Rules: Apex Creatures Apex creatures are defined as the following creatures: Quetz, Mosa, Bronto, Squid, Golem, Wyvern and Giga. Solo players or tribes may only have a maximum of 5 apex creatures tamed. Apex creatures may not be used in any PVP or base attack situation unless specified in a war agreement. This includes direct use in fighting but also use as taxis, storage, moving platforms or any other use that affects a hostile situation. Wild Creatures Wild creatures cannot be "kited" or lead into other player's structures, homes or the players themselves. Aggressive wild creatures cannot be picked up and dropped in or near players or their buildings. Creatures left unclaimed in the wild may be claimed or killed as you see fit. Summoned Creatures Bosses or any other summoned creature may not be captured or trapped in order to farm materials or anything else. Any bosses or summoned creatures you tame may not be used in any sort of PVP, war or base attack situation. Rafts and Saddle Platforms Each solo player or tribe may have a maximum of 6 rafts or saddle platforms. It is your choice how to split this between rafts or saddles. Buildings on rafts or saddle platforms should be treated the same as any other structure when it comes to combat or RP. Creatures with saddle platforms can be tranquilised. Base(s) built on rafts or saddle platforms automatically count as an outpost. (count toward base limits, as either main base or outpost). Rafts which are abandoned and do not have bases on them may be destroyed. Again these changes reflect the "dont be an asshole" statement that I posted before, stylizing changes, and just to repeat myself for the millionth time, just because some of these rules have been removed does not mean you wont get punished for say: kiting a giga into another player's base. If you do me a favor and take a look at the community rules There is a "Be mature and Respectful" section, not to mention the fact that to compensate for all these changes we have added Griefing to the list of "Do not doooooo" as if it was necessary however we want to be thorough.Building Rules: Base Limitations Bases should not be huge. If bases exceed reasonable boundaries based on purpose and tribe size, you may be approached by a member of the staff team about downsizing it. Solo players are allowed 1 outpost in addition to their main base Tribes of 3 players or more are allowed 2 outposts in addition to their main base.This outpost must be smaller than your main base and should be actively used. When claiming land for a base or outpost you must build a structure with at least 4 connected foundations, walls and roofs Base(s) built on rafts or saddle platforms automatically count as an outpost. (count toward base limits, as either main base or outpost). This doesnt really need an explanation.Faction Rules: Faction Wars Factions may declare war or be declared on as specified in the “War Rules” section. When a faction enters war, this applies for all tribes and members within that faction. Should be fairly straight forward that you can just declare war normally between two tribes and the rest of the faction can come in as allies.Base Attack Rules: Rules During Active Base Attacks You may only harm creatures or turrets which are a direct threat to you (ie. Currently attacking you). You should only do as much damage as needed to enter and exit the building & any rooms inside. Sleeping (offline) players may be moved for their own safety but are not allowed to be killed, kidnapped, stolen from or anything other than moved for safety. Any raiding player should be mindful to minimise any items unnecessarily despawning. Any intentional destruction of containers to let items despawn is forbidden. Any reinforcements for either side MUST initiate with a demand to take any part in any base attack. Assisting in a base attack in any form gives attack rights on you. During a base attack solo players may only take items up to a total of 15 inventory slots, and a group may only take items up to a total of 30 inventory slots, regardless of the group size. In addition, you cannot come back for more once you leave. Once again we will be removing the limit on items that you can take however you are still susceptible to being punished for taking more than you need, remember a raid is supposed to drive roleplay not fill your pockets. With the addition of the need to further roleplay rule coming into effect this should insure that any items you take are necessary to drive roleplay in a forward manner.Miscellaneous Rules: Mod and Mod Items Mod items must be used responsibly - using mod items for bad RP, trolling or any other bad use will be punished harshly. Similarly mod items must be used with common sense - especially those which add new structures or buildables. Walls or invincible objects are not allowed and players are encouraged to think about lag when placing Mod items. Other Rules When painting (bases, creatures or other) it is important to not be trolly or immature, painting warnings or such is fine, painting crude images is not. Any items found, for example in alphas drops, that are above our tech limit must be destroyed. If found to be breaking this rule the punishment is severe. Cleanup on aisle YES!Report changes:As aforementioned the GM team will be going back to a "judge" system, instead of simply enforcing the letter of the rule they will be making judgement calls on rules as they perceive each individual situation. This means that two reports with similar situations may not have similar outcomes, due to some factors that might change the way the report needs to be handled or viewed completely. In addition you may feel that you may get given a strike for a rule that you do not feel you broke. I empower my staff team to enforce the rules, that means interpreting them as well, if you do not agree with the interpretation of a rule I respect your opinion however the staff ruling will stand. Now with this new change the GMs obviously get more power over reports and how strikes are given, if you feel they are abusing this power or if you feel like they have made a HORRENDOUS mistake (Not: "I dont agree with their decision") then please PM me with all appropriate details and I will take a look. In addition I will be reviewing every single report either before or after the verdict is closed, and I reserve the right to turn back the GM team's calls if they were in error. Please remember at the core of our report system is the need for acceptance and willingness to learn! Strikes are not here to make you feel awful they are here as a reminder that a mistake was made, and a change is needed such that it does not get repeated. You must do many bad things to get removed permanently from the server, so dont sweat it if you accidentally break a rule, if you get a strike all you have to do is learn from it and adapt and you will be fine!We will be removing appeals, for any strikes, you may now only appeal permanent bans, this change falls in line with supporting our GM team more, we will still allow the appeals of permanent bans as these are long standing, but we did notice that with the current appeal system almost every single report that got appealed saw a change in strikes given, not necessarily because the original call was bad but mostly because the appeal team "felt as though the user had improved their behavior" well DUHHHt this is the intention of the report system, that shouldn't mean the strike should go away early it just reinforced the idea that people could do bad things and get away with them, so we will see how removing this system works!Well that's it for all our changes! We have more documentation to come! Rip my fingers, so stay tuned. As always I love you guys and thank you very much for supporting ArkRP and RoleplayEvolved as we venture into the brave new world of Volume 4!Best,~ Poseidon
  23. Breeding licenses: Breeding Licenses allow you to apply for a license for a species of creatures and it allows you to have up to 6 additional animals of that species for the sole purpose of breeding. These animals can not be used for anything other than breeding / selling. Please understand that if there is already a large number of licenses for that species you may not be approved.You may only have one breeding license per solo player and two Breeding Licenses per tribe.Before adding these extra dinos to your breeding program, you must apply for the license by submitting a ticket through the pink “Get Help!” icon on the right side of your screen. Copy and Paste the following form, fill it out and hit that submit button! A staff member will be in contact with you once it’s been processed - please be patient!A Breeder’s Page with information on your breeding program is optional but highly suggested. Forum Profile link:Character Name:Tribe:Animal Species:What you aim to achieve with your breeding line:Additional Comments: For Example: Forum Profile link: www.arkrp.com/......Character Name: PiaTribe: The CuddlewumpsAnimal Species: Parasaurolophus What you aim to achieve with your breeding line: With my Parasaurs I hope to breed in a line with strong ties into Stamina, weight and health to create the perfect material-hauling beasts. Additional Comments: I feel like my line will add a lot of utility to people's lives, as well as some much needed cuteness.
  24. Rule Changes Here are the updated rule changes for the upcoming volume ❤️ Apex limit Apex creatures are defined as the following creatures: Giga, Reaper, Griffin, Wyvern, Quetz, Mosa, Tusoteuthis, Rock Drake, Rock Elemental and Bronto The staff team has heavily reviewed our Apex list for the coming volume. With the addition of both Aberration and Scorched Earth dinos, it was important that we look over the list in order to both balance PvP with creatures, as well as keeping down lag caused by larger creatures such as Wyverns and Rock Drakes. Because of a large number of popular creatures added to the list, we have also decided to review the max number of creatures allowed. The new number of 8 creatures is to allow tribes to still be able to have the often necessary larger tribe dinos like a Quetz, while still allowing players to tame some of their personal favorites, like Griffins, Rock Drakes, and Wyverns. Dino Limit The dino limit is essentially staying the same other than for large tribes. We are implementing a hard limit of 72(+12 breeding slots) dinos per tribe. This is hardcoded into the server. The main reason is to make breeding more difficult and exclusive. To help make it valuable again. Currently, big tribe can breed pretty much anything they want without having to make any tough choices and they have no reason to rely on another tribe to do their breeding for them. Everything will stay exactly the same for tribes of less than six people. 12 Dinos per person. Second Characters After some of the issues that were seen this volume around second characters, we have decided to track second characters better and ensure that community members who have second characters understand the rules around them properly. From the start of the volume, anyone who wishes to have a second character will now have to apply for it through the ticket system just like a breeding license. Template: ArkRp Forum Name: What will be your second characters name? What is your current characters name?: Are your second and first character related at all?: Do you understand that your two characters cannot be in the same tribe, share resources, information or anything else?: What is your reason for wanting to play another character?: Do you plan on playing more on your second character, or on your first? (Specify rough time wanting to spend on each character) Can you attest that this is a brand-new character not related to your previous? Will your two characters have any reason to know about each other?: Example: ArkRp Forum Name: Amphitrite What will be your second characters name? Rubiana What is your current characters name?: Kat Are your second and first character related at all?: No Do you understand that your two characters cannot be in the same tribe, share resources, information or anything else?: Yes What is your reason for wanting to play another character?: Playing a kid can be very restrictive, it’s nice to go out be able to do whatever I want while still remaining in character (and without having everyone worry about her) Do you plan on playing more on your second character, or on your first? (Specify rough time wanting to spend on each character) Roughly equal, both girls have great storylines ❤️ Can you attest that this is a brand-new character not related to your previous? Yes Will your two characters have any reason to know about each other?: Not unless other people tell them about each other
  25. Old Lore Character Announcement We are happy to announce some changes to the lore regarding Old Lore Characters. After hearing your requests, reviewing the past lore, and having a lengthy discussion with the rest of the staff team we believe we’ve reached a fair compromise - and are happy to announce you’ll now be able to bring in your previous Old Lore Characters from Earth! Here’s how it works: During the final Old Lore wipe event, characters that had intended to return to Earth will have been pulled by the Observers just moments after stepping through the portal. They will not have returned to Earth, Sa’el, nor any previous islands they may have wished to revisit. Instead, they will have been stuck in a time loop until they were eventually flung backwards into in the “Inbetween.” These characters would know they have been traveling for a very long time, and have some sense of missing time. They’ll also retain any crucial survival skills they may have learned during their trials on these other islands. (Such as how to build a fire, smelt metal, and the proper way to tame a Rex). However, in order to help make for a smooth transition into the New Lore, there will be a few restrictions on what these characters will remember from their time spent on these other islands. Restrictions: Due to the trauma of being looped through time and space, Old Lore Characters that appear inside the “Inbetween” will suffer from a heavy and permanent amnesia which will wipe away large swaths of their memories regarding their time spent on previous islands. This means they will no longer remember any specific details about other islands they may have visited or events which may have transpired while they were there. Nor will they be able to recall any specific past events in any detail other than perhaps a very vague sense of deja vu.What they will remember are the names and faces of any close family or friends they may have made on these other islands. They may also recall specifics about those relationships, including their feelings towards that person, or even some intimate details - even if they have forgotten exactly how or where they met them. This would also include any of their favorite prehistoric beast they may have tamed.We understand these restrictions for previous Old Lore Characters may not seem ideal, but we believe it will still allow you to keep the basic and most important aspects of your characters without having a negative impact on existing players/characters’ stories. If you have any questions, feel free to ping the Lore Team and we can answer them, or help you brainstorm on how you can transition your character into our new lore.----- FAQ What will I remember?Will: Names and Faces of family members and close personal friends (eg: spouse, children, best friend. You will have no knowledge of prior groups in the past lore as well.) Feelings and a general ‘sense’ of relationships they’d built on previous islands Crucial survival skills and knowledge of prehistoric flora and fauna Have a sense of missing time and that they’ve been traveling for a long while Won’t- Events on previous islands Details of previous islands (eg: location names/tribes or factions) Their lives on Earth Is the amnesia permanent?Yes.Will my characters from Sa’el have amnesia?No. This is change is specifically tailored to characters that left for Earth before the lore wipe & want to return with the reintroduction of Earth characters. Any characters from Sa’El (or new to this version) are all part of the current lore story and won’t be affected.I made a new version of my Old Lore character to fit into Sa’el - can I retcon and have them come straight to the “Inbetween” instead?No. Your character’s experiences on Sa’el are part of other players’ stories, so wiping out that history would impact more than just your character.
  26. Greetings everyone,I am happy to share with you that we have come to an understanding after a lot of thinking and testing on our newest addition to the ways we like to (role)play.This is about the changes we have made in favor of what some of you like to call the “Blacksmith class”.A new addition to the many roles ARK: Survival Evolved has to offer on our server.Alright, let’s cut the chase, y'all wanna hear numbers, and I get that, but before I tell you the new limits, let me explain to you the how and the why, and some more miscellaneous information that might be of importance to you in this situation. Crafting skill:At this moment, as you might know of own experience, we’re working with an 11x multiplier on the crafting skill, this means that in comparison, you require a lot less skill points put into the skill to get an immediate effect.With the multiplier set to 11 times the math looks like this: (Basic information from the wiki)1 point into crafting skill translate roughly to an .3% increase on weapons.11x makes this 3.3% increase on weapons per level put into it.We believe the hard cap set by the ark developers on the crafting skill is 80 points.80 x 3.3% = 264% The only value taken into account with the crafting skill is the number over the base value, so on a longneck, a 130 weapon damage BP yields the value of 30. So...2.64 (or 264%) * 30 = 79.2 EXTRA DAMAGE on top of the 130 BP.This would come to a total of: 209.2% weapon damage.For armor however, it works very differently, we do not have a basic number to go off of and we have tested it a lot, with a lot of different outcomes.We have tested on several blueprints varying between 120 and 130 armor and the really good ones with some RNG luck came out well over 250.So to compensate for these changes made to our system on your end we are going to increase the maximum armor and weapon damage allowed.The new maximum armor will be 300 and the new maximum weapon damage will be 200%.Please keep in mind that with all 80 points put into the crafting skill it’ll be easier to get closer to that 300 armor (And really good durability as well! We’ve seen over 700!) but the downside is that it will also be more likely to get over the 200% weapon damage.So why did you guys choose 200% weapon damage if you know that we’ll still go over the limit? Well, to be frank, we have increased the limit to allow more room to play with, thus making it so that you’ll make more weapons that ARE within the limit, but are also still balanced with the other settings we’re playing with, as well as the armor you can make.TL;DR Setting for Crafting skill: 11x the normal rate.New limits:Weapon damage: 200%Armor on your own gear: 300Armor on saddles: 75We have put a lot of time into testing everything and think this is the best solution. Regards,The ArkRP GM Team.
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