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The Beginning of the the end


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Among spinning machines and wiring technology, a screen resembling some sort of map would beep at a constant annoying rate, the map flashing to a specific point somewhere in what looked to be the “Infected Zone”.


“GOD. Will someone please shut that machine up?” Camelot screamed from the barracks, “This is why I hate going on long expeditions with scientists. They always have the most annoying machines.” He continued.


After the scream had echoed through the base a clatter and crash came from Dr Elizabeth’s office. Papers flutter to the ground behind the Doctor as she burst through the force field that was her door.


In a fit of excitement she jumped the railing, skipping the staircase all together, she raced into the lab heading for the beeping machine. “WE DID IT! We found it!”


Ordering the Knights to the command station, she immediately brought up an image of the map.


“The Kaiju, that's it’s location. We ran the biometric data from the collections people gave us and were able to lock in on this location. The Kaiju seems to be sleeping or resting, there has been no activity around that area for a while. Which is why we were unable to track it up until now.”


“Either way, we have a location Camelot, go with the locals and take it out”, the order, clear and concise.


“Yes ma’am” Camelot responded, turning on his heel. With a single flick of his finger, the rest of the Knights were right on his tail headed for the launch bay.

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