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Volume 11 - Event - Data Collection


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Event details



A voice would echo through the radio which sounds very familiar as the friendly Dr Elizabeth.


“Hello! We, the EDF have some good news to share, since our arrival we have been collecting specimens to identify the nature and origin of the Kaiju, as of today we have been able to confirm that these Kaiju originate from the same plane as the ones who attacked earth on our timeline.

To that end our science team will be arriving within the next few days, I have discussed our next moves with the leader of our Knights, Camelot and we have decided that the best course of action is to hunt and kill the flying Kaiju we have nicknamed ‘Manta’.”


-- A break in the radio communication --

-- Squelch as her message continues --


“To track this beast we need your help! We will be placing a box at a centralized location which will have refrigeration technology built in. On your travels outside the domes we ask that you look for the following items and place them in the box so our science team can utilize the bio-signature to track the exact location of the beast, at which time our Knights will move out to ensure it will never hurt anyone again!”


“We need the following:

  • 1,000 or so of the hearts of the creatures that have been infected by the rift’s power.

  • 1,000 Rift nodes, these can bee seen along the body of the infected creatures and gathered quite easily.

  • 2,500 Black pearls, although these are found in nature normally we find these infected creatures and the Kaiju themselves produce them for some bodily function.

  • 2 taxidermies of each of the infected creatures, one male and one female.


"With these resources we will be able to track the location of the rift itself, as many of you have indicated you were able to inflict some damage to the Kaiju the last time it approached the city, so it will have retreated to the rift’s exact location for repairs. Once we have the resources we will set up a time to meet with the local scientists to help track the location and see what we can discover.”


"There will be a collection box for these items placed directly under the GREEN tower, shortly."       //GREEN OBELISK


“Thank you for all your help and we look forward to taking this beast down together and seeing earth’s future shine ever brighter!”

-- Squelch as the radio transmission ends --


--------------------------------------OOC START------------------------------------------


The box we will be putting down is a refrigerated trough.


Here is the list of items we need you awesome people to collect


  • 1,000 Corrupted hearts

  • 1,000 Corrupted Nodules (we know the need refrigeration)

  • 2,500 Black pearls

  • 2 taxadermies of each of the corrupted creatures


//NOTE (Not about the event): We will also be putting on a few PvE events for mechanics and scientists to take part in some discussions and upgrades working towards the release of our “Mek purchasing system” which will allow tribes to gain the power of Meks under certain conditions. Look forward to an announcement as the RP progresses!


--------------------------------------OOC END------------------------------------------



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