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Volume 11 - Event - Back from the future

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A loud smash, followed by the whirring of a machine could be heard for miles in every direction. Beckoning anyone in range to gather around the machine.


Suddenly the machine whirrs faster and faster, speeding up. A moment later a large mechanical machine steps through the light and plants it’s giant foot firmly on the ground, stepping clear of the light. Following behind the machine are some soldiers clad in white and black step through the portal into the courtyard. On their shoulders a distinctive insignia with the letters E.D.F can be seen.


Moments later the machine that brought them here stops completely, shutting down in a mess of sparks and crackles. A snap could be heard as a large piece of the machine breaks off completely, narrowly missing the soldiers.


As the dust settles introductions begin, just as a howl could be heard in the distance. Immediately the soldiers freeze, turning pale white. Then all at once they could be heard announcing a singular word, in a cold fear;




-- JOIN US FOR EVENT #1 - Back From the Future - November 25th 2018 at 2pm EST! (expect at least a 30 minute delay to allow for attendees to make their way to the event location) --


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