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The Wreck

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The Wreck

An airship flies through the  skies above the island of Thana, all is calm and peaceful. The crew goes about their daily routine mapping and taking measurements. On the bridge the captain turns to the first officer asking


“What is the status of the ship today?”


“All systems nominal, supply status as planned though we have been experiencing a power drain we cant trace. Also Crewman Derrick failed to report for his shift today.”


The captain turned looking concerned “Oh, but he has never missed a shift before, you should send someone to check up on him.”  


“Very well sir, i will go check on him myself” the first officer replied before leaving the bridge.


The captain would turn to the intercom and select a room “Dr Elizabeth, do you have anything to report on those specimens we picked up on our last island?” 


The reply came “No captain, no progress so far though i am feeling pretty sick and am heading to my quarters to rest after i checked on the specimens statues in the cargo bay”


“Well make sure to get better soon, we are nearing our next exploration target and will be landing in the next day or so” The captain replied before going back to his seat.


A few minutes later the general alarm sounded “Status report, who triggered the alarm?”


“The alarm was triggered from level 2 the crew quarters sir, and to be more specific it is the boarding alarm.” a crewman replied.


“What we are miles above the ground and no ship in range, Security report to the crew quarters.” the captain ordered.


A few minutes pass before security reports in “Sir we have arrived at the quarters, sir its a mess here Derrick and the First are dead, looks like they got shredded by….something.”

“Whatever did it , find it and kill it now.” The captain responded.


“Understood sir, wait what was that, THE HELL ARE THOSE…” *Gun fire would  be heard through the intercom along with screams and growling before it falls silent and a massive explosion rocks the ship*


“What the hell was that” came from the captain.


“Sir we have lost primary engines and are rapidly losing altitude, we have lost contact with the cargo bay and everything below the command level. Time to impact…”

He never finished his sentence before the door flew off its hinges...

((Event Sunday at 5 pm EST. Make sure to bring  weapons. Location will be announced when it begins.))

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