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    23 March 2019 10:00 PM

    *A note found by the vault*
    The Festival of Arrival
    King Leonor of the Kingdom Of Dracaea welcomes everyone to come attend our first festival in the new place. We are hosting a festival in the coming days to celebrate our arrival here and successful build up of everyone here in the beautiful place. Food and drink will be provided in plenty as will entertainment
    Dodo fights for those who wish to bring there own a fist fighting ring drinking contest and other fun activities Monetary Prizes will be given out to the winners of our contests
    All are welcome to join us as we chat, have fun and get to know our neighbors. 
    The Festival will be held outside of the castle in an area safely above the beasts below
    *A seal would be located at the bottom picturing a rising sun*

    ((Event will start around 5 EST barring IRL issues, hope to see you there. ARC rewards will be given for those who attend ))

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