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[Volume IV] Moore Harbour - Ordrak - 10-07-2017

[Image: 766515lettre.png]

[Image: 607762MooreVol4.png]

Moore Harbour is an established crew bonded by a love for the ocean or a desire to be freed form all morality or criminal conviction. Originally formed by Jack England, the prior Captain of The Privateers, a vicious and aggressive movement, the group was determined to not fall into another trap of manipulation and false glory. Little more than a year after laying the first planks, Moore Harbour has carved out a name for itself as a home for those deemed undesirable by others.

The Harbour is looking for experienced chefs, sailors, killers and harlots - butchers, blacksmiths, shipwrights and brawlers.

Us, the Crew

The Captain

Jack England [BG]

Officer - First Mate

Officer - QuartermasterMercy Blackridge [BG]


BarkeepSamuel Hart
CookCook (Gunner) [BG]
DoctorLilian Hale [BG]
StablemasterDelilah G. Lovell


Katelynn Hale [BG]
Yetti (Gunner)

OOC Rules
No racism, no sexism, be respectful. ×
Respect for others’ and their life schedules. ×
Must have an interest in conflict and PVP. ×
Causing trouble ICly is okay. ×
You are joining to create rich RP, not to damage it. ×
You must respect other players RPs above all else. ×
You must join our discord when you join the tribe. ×
Our tribe has restrictions regarding tames. ×

   IC Rules
× Mutiny is punishable by a slow and painful death.
× Thieving is encouraged. Steal from others within the crew, however, and you’ll be forced to feed the fishes one of your own fingers.
× All members of the crew will be provided with a cut of all coin earned by any means necessary.
× Loyalty to the crew above all else.
× All new recruits who do not join from day one must be deemed worthy through a recruitment process. Moore Harbour will not accept any responsibility nor will they care if you die during your recruitment stage.
[Image: 420029invitationvol4.png]

Layout/images by Noisette
Video by Yetti

RE: [Volume III] Moore Harbour - Facinarose - 10-07-2017


RE: [Volume III] Moore Harbour - Mr_empie - 10-07-2017

Ayee! We'd be glad to be back Jack!

Great post man ;d

RE: [Volume III] Moore Harbour - Artemiss - 10-07-2017

Ahhhh! So excited for this! Smile

RE: [Volume III] Moore Harbour - Kogetsoo - 10-07-2017

Moore.. *cries intensely*

Good luck, man!


RE: [Volume III] Moore Harbour - Getruh - 10-07-2017


RE: [Volume III] Moore Harbour - Ordrak - 10-07-2017

(10-07-2017, 07:41 PM)Getruh Wrote: Once a pirate, always a pirate, Captain.
Promise I won't bite into Jacks ear this time.

Bloody hope not!

[Image: 760E058F061CADC997A69FF538DCEC56B67351FF]

RE: [Volume III] Moore Harbour - Veldiir - 12-07-2017

So uuhhh... Drinking DOES NOT trigger the worse (more fun) half this time around... Wink

RE: [Volume III] Moore Harbour - Ordrak - 12-07-2017

(12-07-2017, 09:46 AM)Stormborn Wrote: So uuhhh... Drinking DOES NOT trigger the worse (more fun) half this time around... Wink

I WILL find his triggers. Big Grin

RE: [Volume III] Moore Harbour - Valharroth - 14-07-2017

Yar harr~