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hello - slayerAMD64 - 17-06-2017

Hello my friends. Im look to do something total different then what i have been doing in ark. I have over 1300 hours in the game and i have never been in a RP server before in fact this will be the first time period. So yea this is totally something that i would love to try if you would have me. I think i would need to help in getting started in the RP would but i think it would be fun. Please let me know what i can do.
Thanks Slayer

hello - Alistair - 17-06-2017

Welcome to the community! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask

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RE: hello - Amphitrite - 17-06-2017

Heya! Welcome to the community! Like Julius Pepperwood said if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. If you need any help let me know. I hope to see you on the server soon!

RE: hello - slayerAMD64 - 18-06-2017

thank you very much for ur support

RE: hello - 6Ozan9 - 19-10-2017

Hello, I have been in one role-playing ark before but I grew apart from the events within it.I am looking forward to establishing myself on different stories and communities.

RE: hello - fuboga - 19-10-2017

Hey man welcome. Come RP with us.

C ya around.

RE: hello - Camo - 14-04-2018

I would Like to have the opportunity to join a role play ark because I have never done it before and want
to try it out for a first

RE: hello - Kami - 26-10-2018


RE: hello - Kami - 26-10-2018

Hello I resubmitted it back in