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Baqir Geraldo - The Confused Desperado - Kufufami - 11-01-2017

The introduction of the crazed and confused desperado Baqir.

Waking up in the desert, Baqir finds himself confused and dizzy...

"What the… Where am I?"

He stands up and take a quick look around, seeing nothing but desert all around him.


He tries to walk but immediately fall over; his leg feels suddenly feels like it’s on fire.


He rips his pants off, trying to figure out, where the pain is coming from, but the only thing to see is a weird symbol.

"What is this?! Why does it hurt so F****ng much!"

The symbol starts glowing and the pain becomes more intense.


As he reaches down for a knife, he realizes he doesn’t have anything but a ragged shirt and his pants on.


The pain is too intense and he pass out, while the symbol keeps glowing. Steam starts to come out from the symbol until it slowly returns to normal.

As he wakes up he realizes that it’s starting to get dark, he’s feeling dizzy and ill from the pain, and immediately turns over and pukes.

"What is this, what the fuck is going on?!"

"What is that… “thing” on my leg?!"

He sits down, taking his hands to the head.

TRY TO REMEMBER, B…. Wait what is my name?!

Suddenly an image of an ugly lady grinning’ flashes through his head, as he hears a grim laughter. 


The darkness of the desert starts falling, and the sounds of the darkness are starting to show.

As howls of wolves are heard, Baqir gets a shivering down his spine...


He tries to stand up, to his surprise the pain has eased, and he’s now able to stand.

"What kind of?! What is this, FUCK IT. I GOTTA FIND SHELTER"

He starts to slowly walking around in the dark, searching for shelter or something to make a fire. But all he sees is sand.

The wolf howls sound like they are getting closer…

"There must be something I can use to make a fire somewhere?!"

He stumbles over a big rock in the sand screaming.


He falls and slams his hand into a sharp flint, which goes directly through his hand.


As he tries to get up, like a stranded whale, he feels the pain of the pierced hand…

His reaction is to immediately pull the flint out, tearing into a scream


The wolf howls are heard really close, as he shivers.

"Fuck think THINK!"

He looks at the sharp rock in his hand, and then down at the rock he stumbled upon…


He rips off his shirt, and the legs of his pants, using the pants legs as a bandage for his hand, and the shirt he drops on the big rock.


He smashes the flint into the rock, making a rain of sparks, but the shirt is not catching fire.

He looks up to see the wolf pack running towards him.


As the wolves are closing in on him, the shirt ignites bringing the wolf to a hold.


He screams while throwing the rock after the wolves.

He takes a deep breath as he sees the wolves turn around.

"I’m saved, I did it"

He starts seeing a light in the distance.

"Is that people?!"

He runs towards the light, as he gets closer he sees the imagery of a ranch.

"A ranch! Hopefully they’ll give me some water!"

He walks up to the door, and starts thinking

"Should I knock or? What if they are hostile?!"

He takes a few steps back, and looks around, spotting the area for the animals.

"Maybe I can hide in there!"

He runs to the barn, opening the door slowly, only to see a lot of animals immediately starting to scream and roar at him.

He falls on his back from the chock of the animal reaction, hitting his head on the ground.



He wakes up by water splashing in his face, in front of him stands a woman and a man, looking slightly alike…


He looks confused at them.

"I’m Ba…"

"I’m Baqi"

"I’m BAQIR!! I’m BAQIR!"

The two looked confused at him.

"What are you getting so worked up over?"

He looks bright at them


The two starts laughing, "well hurray for that I guess…"

"But who are you, and what are you doing out here?! Are you a wanted man?!"

He looks confused at the two, "I don’t know…"
Baqir is a character with a mysterious background, and his goal will be to figure out what happened and how he ended up back in the middle of the desert.
He’s a Desperado, but in the way that he can act nice or hostile depending on how you treat him.
He loves to do crazy stuff, but can get scared of magic (Because of the mark on his leg).
He does not like magic, but will try to figure out how he got his mark and what happened.

RE: Baqir Geraldo - The Confused Desperado - Kufufami - 18-01-2017

Venomous Infection: The Rise of a Demon Hunter.
It was a beautiful afternoon and Baqir was doing errands for the Ranch.

While gathering ore, he spotted a shape in the distance. He stopped to get a better look, maybe it was just a mirage?

While looking, he squeezed his eyes together, holding up his hand to block the sunlight.

The shape changed from a dot into the shape of one of the big birds usually residing in the area. He shrugged his shoulders, and swung the pickaxe again.

“Wait something about that bird looks different”

He looked again as he saw the bird landing near the Ranch.

“There’s somebody on it!”

He rushed towards the ranch, seeing that Abigail already encountered the strange man.

The strange man introduced himself as a doctor, talking about needing some blood just in case something happened to them.

Baqir thought to himself “What kind of heresy is this?!”

While the doctor and Abigail were talking, one of the venomous snakes of the desert sneaked up behind Baqir.

Baqir screamed in pain and rage as the snake bit him in the leg. He turned around drawing his spear, immediately shoving it through the head of the snake.

He quickly used the spear to open the mouth clinched around his leg. Abigail and the doctor yelled.

“What happened?! Are you okay?”

“Yes yes it was just a “little” snake, I’m fine”.

Abigail looked worried at him.

He made a few hand gestures, “Don’t worry, I’m okay!”

She then continued the conversation with the doctor.

Suddenly their voices started to sound different, so different he couldn’t understand them.

His vision started to fog, his body were feeling numb, and stubborn as he is, he would not show weakness.

Out his now fogged vision he saw the doctor handing something pointy to Abigail.

As he squeezed his eyes to see what it was, Abigail stuck the pointy thing into her arm.

Blood immediately starting pouring into a bag.

His mind started to panic “WHAT KIND OF SORCERY MADE HER DO THAT?!”

The doctor looked at him askingly.

“Would you like to give some blood as well?”

Baqir panicked and started to run, still groggy from the snake venom, he remembered the laughter of the evil witch, he increased his speed.

Everything blacked as only fear were controlling him.

Baqir regained consciousness, as he arrived at the beach of their island.

In the distance through his fogged vision, he spotted at weird looking stranger attending his raft.

Not thinking about the risks at all, he walked towards the stranger in his groggy condition.

As he talked to the stranger, he learned about the stranger being a demon hunter currently on a quest to slay a demon and his accomplishes.

He asked Baqir to join him in the quest against the demons, to which Baqir agreed, hoping it would help him find answers about his past.

As Baqir got on the raft he blacked out.



As he started to regain consciousness, he recognized the voice of his friend hunter, worried over his condition.

Baqir was feeling weak, while having an intense pain in his leg. He saw and heard Hunter speak, but could only understand the words.

Baqir heard the sound of heavy bashes, and a bird landing close to him

He looked around in terror.

When he finally spotted the location of the sound, he saw a woman running towards them.

As she got closer he recognized her as Abigail.

He heard her yelling but didn’t understand a word. They dragged him to her bird, where they helped him climb up behind Abigail.
He blacked out.

He continued to balance between consciousness, only hearing voices.

He suddenly got the feeling of getting carried.

Everything went dark.