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Kled, From Clan to House of Aeternia - McDugals - 11-01-2017

(All of this was done from my phone so there might be some errors!)

It was the final days of the Great War, the clans of the wild lands saw it as an opportunity for pillaging the border lands of Aeternia while the kingdom fought their war. One of the largest clans was the Kled Clan and its Chieftain Mellias Kled ran it with an iron fist. None challenged him for his title of leadership as his combat experienced was unmatched and his only son Gregard Kled like his father fought with even greater savagery than any of Mellias' top lieutenants. Whenever someone challenged the Chieftain Gregard would remove the challenger's head before he could draw his sword.

One day a young man came to the Chieftain's camp with nothing more but the clothes on his back and a sword on his waist. He was quickly removed of his weapon and given the Kled Clan welcome. He was then thrown in the Chieftain's tent covered in bruises and cuts. Mellias look at the man without a hint of respect for him, almost as if he were a pest.

"Who do you think you are boy, to come into my camp to seek my audience." He paused to drink from his cup, cleared his throat and continued to speak, while Gregard stood beside him with his hand on the hilt of his sword ready for his father's orders to dispatch their guest.

"Why shouldn't I kill you where you sit?"

The young man raised his head smiling at Gregard first in defiance and then to the Chieftain. He then coughed and answered with a question,

"Would you believe me if I was told you, you had another son?"

The Chieftain looked at him with a mix of confusion and anger got up and approached the young man.

"You dare insult me?! Do you take me for a fool!? I have killed hundreds of people and laid with many woman all of which have come to me bearing sons of mine! What makes you think I should care for your sake?!" He asked grabbing the man by the collar of his shirt, almost tearing it.

"Because I know your clan Mellias, and anyone of your blood has a right to prove their worth, and I'm here to do so. I challenge your lieutenants for a right of passage into your clan." He said looking right into the eyes of his estranged father.

That night he was thrown into a pit with Mellias' four lieutenants and had to fight each one to the death. It wasn't until the early hours that the Chieftain was called by his son and what he saw before him put a smile on his face, for his lieutenants' heads sat on their spines and the rest of their bodies were used to feed the hounds.

"So have I proven my worth Chieftain?" The young man asked tossing a leg over to the hounds.

"My boy you have proven yourself as a man of the Kled Clan and are truly my son! Tell me your name!" The Chieftain said with a mighty laugh

"My name is Nicholas, Nicholas Kled."

That night the clan celebrated with heavy drinking and enough food to feed a kingdom. As Nicholas and his father began to bond, Gregard began to hate the bastard that strolled into what would one day become his camp. He fought and killed many to deserve his father's respect and to have that overshadowed by this stranger was an insult to his honor. That is when he hatched an idea.

"Father!" Gregard yelled across the table.

All eyes looked to the true heir of the Clan as he spoke,

"As you know, a War plagues the lands, the mighty kingdom of Aeternia now has its forces spread thin and its prosperous towns and farm land are now ours for the taking! I propose we send a band of our warriors to the lands of Aeternia and spread the great name of the Kled Clan to all corners of the world!"

The men cheered and chanted Gregard's name but soon became silent as the Chieftain raised his hand.

"Gregard you are an ambitious man, you are or should I say were my only son. I will allow you to go on this journey but I will not be accompanying you. No I must maintain my seat of power here on our homeland, but I will not have you go alone. Nicholas you will go with him, you've proven yourself in our clan's trials but the true spirit of our people comes from war." He said looking at each of his sons.

"You will leave tomorrow, may our ancestors watch over you in whatever conflict you may face!"

With fifty men the Chieftain's sons traveled to the lands of Aeternia. They were met with little resistance and found themselves with more than enough spoils to buy themselves land within the kingdom. The brothers began to bond during their adventures and found themselves a new level of respect for one another. But as the company of the Kled Clan were about to reach the ends of Aeternia's region they were suddenly met with the abrupt appearance of the legendary barrier.

"What the hell is this!" Gregard yelled!

"This is impossible! How the hell are we going to get home?! Nicholas asked in a panic.

Suddenly they were met with a volley of arrows. Some were killed while others hid behind nearby trees for cover. As Nicholas looked for the source of this attack, he soon saw the armored legion of Aeternia's mighty army.

"Those bastards! They have us trapped!" he said in anger.

"We have no choice!" Gregard yelled with his sword raised.

"We must make our own path! Charge my brothers, show them why the Kled Clan is feared throughout the world!"

The Kled forces rallied together in a wedge formation charging at the Aeternians. The men at the front leapt over the shields of the cladded Warriors some getting thrown over as they continued to march through their ranks. However the relentless might of Nicholas and Gregard kept their men's momentum from faltering. They eventually cut through the ranks of the mighty warriors only to be met with additional forces joining the fight.

They fought for hours and their forces soon fell to under half of what it was. They were completely surrounded and Nicholas and Gregard were far to exhausted to carry on.

"HOLD!" Someone yelled.

Nicholas looked around for the source of this command but his eyes lids grew heavy and soon he fell to the ground as heard the voice again shout,

"Take them with us, the Queen will decide their fate!"

As Nicholas awoke he began to feel the cold stone floor that he was laying on. As he looked up he was blinded by the reflective armor of the Aeternian Army and the Queen's Guard. He looked to the right of him and saw Gregard still unconscious.

"Time to meet your fate gentlemen, wake up!" A voice said. It was the same voice whom Nicholas heard during the battle.

"Now, now Sir Krieg, they clearly are tired from their journey, and to be so far from home." She paused and adjusted herself on her throne.

"You poor, poor young men. Now I consider myself to be a generous Queen, one that doesn't not judge others for past grievances." She stood up and walked halfway to Nicholas and Gregard.

"Now I've heard you gentlemen are quite the fighters. You even managed to kill some of my finest warriors. I could have you and your men executed for your crimes but I don't see the use of removing such talented men like yourselves. So how about it? Seeing as you cannot return home why not serve my kingdom and help rebuild our war torn lands?" She looked at Nicholas with a smirk giving him a moment to think things over. But as he began to spoke Gregard suddenly answered,

"You fucking cow of a ruler, do you really think the men and women of the Kled Clan will ever serve you? A leader who hides in her castle walls while her forces fight her battles? No we will not serve you, we would rather die!"

Shortly after finishing his statement the man known as Krieg slowly walked over the Gregard and drew his sword preparing to removing him of his head. But as he raised his sword Nicholas quickly raised his hands and asked,

"Before you kill us don't I have a say my Queen?"

The Queen looked to him and said,

"You may by be quick about it!"

Nicholas with hands raised stood up, cleared his throat and said,

"I have given it some good thought and with the options we have at the moment it would be foolish of me not to accept your offer your majesty. I Nicholas Kled will serve you till I die in combat or of natural causes." As he finished Nicholas bowed to the Queen who gave a nod to Kreig to put away his sword. But as Nicholas sat down Gregard yelled in anger,

"You bastard! How dare you insult our family name! When I see you in the next life I will-"

Gregard was suddenly interrupted by Krieg who had punched him in the face, his jaw nearly broken from the impact of steel.

"Your majesty if it would please you I will be more than happy to keep your mind at further ease if you would like for me to prove that I am to be trusted while in your services."

The Queen now puzzled looked at him with a smirk and answered,

"Interesting, by all means please show us your commitment to the people of Aeternia."

Nicholas then bowed to the Queen and as his brother continued to spit out blood from Kreig's punch, Nicholas walked behind him and without hesitation wrapped the chains that kept him bound around Gregard's neck. Gregard struggled with all his might, blood and tears fell to the floor beneath him and soon his eyes began to roll back as he started to lose consciousness. But once Gregard stopped struggling Nicholas grabbed his head and jerked it to the side breaking his neck. The only sound echoing in the grand hall was the sound Gregard's lifeless body hitting the floor.

As Kreig and the Queen stood in silence along with the rest of their company, Nicholas fell to catch his breath and soon let out a sigh of relief.

"Explain to me why killing him exactly makes you trust worthy?" Kreig asked as he gestured to his men to remove Gregard's body.

As they picked him up Nicholas looked over to him and and pointed at the lifeless body of what was once his brother and said,

"That fella was the rightful heir of the Kled Clan, and with him dead now the remaining men are in need of someone to lead them."

Kreig still puzzled then asked,

"So you betray your leader and leave your men leaderless, why should we trust you again?"

Nicholas chuckled and answered,

"Well, the man you see before you just became the rightful heir once Gregard over there stopped breathing. So now the men will have no choice but to follow my command to ride into battle and defend the people of Aeternia. Now doesn't that sound lovely?"

Kreig shook his head and smiled at his new comrade. As he extended his hand to help him up he asked,

"And what is your name oh heir to the Kled Clan?"

And as Nicholas was brought to his feet he smiled and answered,

"Nicholas Kled of the Kled Clan, and a servant to the Kingdom of Aeternia."