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No mas! - TreeDog76 - 11-01-2017

Here's a small suggestion. How about we make laying down the official sign for surrender in duels/combat? It might also be good to have some kind of language in the rules that nullifies any attack rights a person might have had once they surrender. So no surrendering to stall your inevitable defeat only to re-engage after a brief bit of RP.

RE: No mas! - Jack Gallow - 11-01-2017

More rules is something we should try to avoid. I think it is much more interesting to leave that up to honor alone because an asshole villain would laugh in your face for surrendering and kill you anyways whereas an honorable man would spare you.

RE: No mas! - TreeDog76 - 11-01-2017

I think you might misunderstand me, perhaps I didn't state it well. I wasn't suggesting that a person has to HONOR your attempt to surrender. Just that laying down be a way to communicate it. Be a lot easier than trying to type "I surrender!" mid fight.

As for the second part though yeah, I suppose if you wanted it to be ok for folks to "fake surrender" and then start attacking again thats fine, whatever folks want I guess.

RE: No mas! - Seraphine - 11-01-2017

Quote: During a duel either side has the ability to yield and ask for mercy. This is achieved by laying down and RPing that you are yielding. This counts as an automatic loss and it is up to the victor whether or not to accept your call for mercy. Just remember there is no honour in killing a opponent who has yielded.

Laying down is in the rules already as showing you yield in a duel Smile

Using it for combat too would be cool!

RE: No mas! - TreeDog76 - 11-01-2017

Oh...duh. Big Grin