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More Important Announcements For Volume I - Mikachu - 07-01-2017


Number 1

The final event has just finished (final lore HERE.). The server will now be up for 12 hours (until 11am UTC) to allow anyone who wishes to RP out the ending for their character. At 11am tomorrow (or close as we can to it) we will restart the server and begin the purge event which will include custom supply drops! During the purge event the PVP, base attack, and roleplay rules are not in place (except the adult RP rule). The purge will end roughly 6-8 hours later at night UTC. Also, once the website shuts for updates we will be giving you all various ways to stay up-to-date with what is going on. Sorry for the delays and mess surrounded this final ending but we cannot do too much about technical issues sadly. We hope you enjoy the event and purge anyway and look forward to chatting while we get stuff ready on Saturday and Sunday!

Number 2

Along with that all currently whitelisted players will need to fill out a quick agreement regarding the new rules and lore. This is due to the massive changes in them which in our opinion require us to be sure you have read and understand them before playing in Volume I (including some just released tweaks based on feedback from all of you). In order to make this as painless as possible it is fully automated in terms of getting a response. This means you will get an answer as soon as you click submit instead of waiting for an admin to look it over. You can ask for help if you don't understand something as well! If you run into any technical issues then give us a poke too! Just remember - agreeing to this is saying that you have read and understand every part of the new rules and lore, so don't do it if you haven't!

(ignore the URL, we originally were discussing a re-whitelist but many staff members brought forward issues this could create for the community so we revised the idea.)

And yes, ALL staff have also had to accept this as well, even myself!

Number 3

We have a trailer for Volume I! In this trailer you will see a lot of stuff that teases various mods, maps, locations and more, try to spot all of them! We hope you enjoy this and share it as much as you can!

Hopefully you enjoyed it and moving forward we will be seeing what type of video content the community can make! So be sure to record any cool moments in Volume I !

RE: More Important Announcements For Volume I - Mezri - 07-01-2017