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ARKRP Launch (PLEASE READ THE EDIT) - Mikachu - 02-06-2015

Hello all!

ARK is almost out and it is almost time for ARKRP to open!

Once the game releases we will work on getting our server open ASAP as explaining exactly what you need to whitelist. We will open the whitelist as soon as we know but until then please bear with us.

Come chat on the forum or TS - password: arkrp

I hope you have fun and apologies for any issues during this hectic launch Redpanda

- Tamaster

Whitelist is open and so is the server!

Server is currently on default settings, expect changes as soon as we can Smile

RE: ARKRP Launch - Paularius - 02-06-2015

Whats the password for TS?

RE: ARKRP Launch - Mikachu - 02-06-2015

(02-06-2015, 09:55 PM)Paularius Wrote: Whats the password for TS?


RE: ARKRP Launch - Wanderer - 02-06-2015

OH MY GOD!!!!!

Tamaster I literally just got done Pming you asking a question which you literally Answered kinda on here.
HAha Too funny

RE: ARKRP Launch - Nico_X_Suave - 02-06-2015

Great news! Looking forward to the applications opening up on the site Smile

RE: ARKRP Launch - Husky - 02-06-2015

Sadly our TS does still have limited space, we will announce as soon as it increases Smile

RE: ARKRP Launch - just4me - 02-06-2015

yes, maxed clients right now, but I tried Smile I can only listen anyway, so better to have voiced persons on

RE: ARKRP Launch - Mikachu - 02-06-2015

Bigger TS (temporarily) coming ASAP

RE: ARKRP Launch - LimbSpasms - 02-06-2015

Had a connection problem and couldn't get back in
Although it's quite admirable how you're all managing to fix things when so little of the game/server and everything is actually released.

RE: ARKRP Launch - TurtleKing - 02-06-2015

The Turtles are ready.