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Welcome! Please read before posting! - Mikachu - 15-05-2015


Hi there My name is Tamaster and welcome to ARK RP. If you have found your way here you likely have a strong interest in both ARK: Survival Evolved, and roleplay. Well let me tell you, you have come to the right place. I have created this community as a place for players to have fun in this amazing game, roleplay as whatever character they like, and for all to have fun. If you think you would like to be a part of that then please, make an account and apply for the whitelist! We are always looking for more great players to join us and take part in the fun.

Please note that we are NOT the developers or makers of the game here, we are just fans who want to create the best roleplay community for ARK possible.

Before you go any further however I would suggest checking out the following links for very important information:

  • First of all make sure to introduce yourself to everyone here.
  • Make sure to read the Rules before applying for the whitelist.
  • Once you think you are ready you can apply to play here.
  • Important links and information to play can be found here.
  • Read the FAQ here.
  • Follow us on twitter <a href="" target="_blank">here.</a>
  • And finally, if you need any help make sure to check out the support section.

I hope you enjoy your stay here and I look forward to seeing you ingame - just remember, watch out for the Raptors!

- Tamaster

PS. Please feel free to message any staff member if you need any help or have a question. We are here to help and promote a friendly fun community, don't be shy to talk!