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Volume 11 Wipe Event Lore-recap - Poseidon - 18-11-2018

Volume 11 Wipe Summary - From the perspective of a survivor

[Image: ark4_v1_current.jpg]

All of the sudden you’re jerked from your feet and fall to the floor as a large explosion rattles the ground you stand on. The earth trembles and you can hear metal creaking and cracking in the distance.

Static fills the air, as a voice echos out;

“Attention all passengers of the Aurora number 501-B, there has been an explosion in the lower water section, with the sudden change in weight we are forced to make an emergency landing on the nearest planet. Please stand still on the ground prepare for transport!”

Unsure what you’ve just heard, you get back on your feet. Attempting to process what you just heard. Moments later a teleportation commences, and you find yourself in front of what looks to be a very naked man.

“Greetings everyone, I am doctor Abraham, the AI in charge of your eco-sphere”

“As you most likely heard over the intercom, you are aboard the Aurora, a space-ship designed to hold and simulate life in various ways. You at this very moment, stand in the below ground Eco-sphere holo simulation”

Just as the words reach your ears you notice parts of the environment flickering around you, obvious damage is visible off in the distance where the landscape has completely turned into what looks to be an aluminum paneling.

Quickly you come to the realization that this entire world you’ve been living in this entire time has been entirely a simulation. Questions flood your mind, as you try to make sense of how this happened. How did you get onto a ship? Where exactly are you? Who runs the “Aurora” and what do they want with you?

Snapping out of it, the AI Abraham urges people forward to the evacuation area of the “eco-sphere” you follow him towards the exit. Upon reaching the surface you are violently thrown to the ground, blacking out from the impact as the ship hits the planet.

-- Hours later --

You wake up on a mysterious planet unaware of what the hell is going on, around you are scraps of twisted metal. There is a huge burning ship in the distance bellowing pure black smoke into the atmosphere. Looking out onto the horizon you realize you have just entered a very brave new world.