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Volume 11 Information Release - Poseidon - 17-11-2018

Volume 11 Info Release!

Crafting Skill and Rates changes!

The crafting skill will be reduced from 11 to 5x, this will be balanced out with the changes to armour and weapon rates: Armour rating max 1000, Weapon/Tool Damage max 500.

Mod changes!

We have a couple of new additions, as well as some replacements for our current mods.

Ark Advance Lite -
DLC & Tek engram unlocker -
Additional Emotes -

Zed’s Tek Unlocker
Ark Advance 10 (Replaced with the Lite version)

Rule Changes!
With the new introduction of the cryopods, the GM Team has thought long and hard about the dino limit. We have concluded that we will be now using a universal tribe limit of 50 dinos out. However, you may have as many dinos in cryo pods as you like.

But that is not all. With the difficulty of Extinction, we have decided to lift the Apex rules for this volume. That means all previous Apexes may be used in PVP, and there is no limit to the amount you are allowed, provided you stay within the 50 dinos out limit.

With this said, there are two rules regarding dinos, the first being that Meks are not to be crafted. This doesn't mean that they won't be available, they just cannot be crafted.
The other rule is that Titans are not to be summoned.
Stay tuned for lore announcements to know how meks and Titans will be implemented.

Alongside dinos, Items have had thorough testing this last week. In light of this the GM team can announce that Turrets and Rockets will be returning this volume. There is however a change to the turret limit. The new turret limit will now be 10.

Excessive Damage
This rule will now be looked at differently from now on. We had noticed that many people were being discouraged from attacking bases in fear of being reported for excessive damage.The GM team will now be looking at the strategy of the attacker as opposed to directly the damage.
Now what does this mean? Well to use an example: If Player A is initiated on and runs within their base, they should be expecting some form of damage to occur to dinos and structure. The GM team will look at what tools the attacker chose to use, alongside how they breach the persons base.

The Wipe!

Reminder that the event will take place tomorrow, 17th Nov, at 1pm EST / 6pm GMT