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Volume 11 Announcement - red892 - 12-11-2018

Hello all!

Here is a little update on the up and coming extinction volume!
The staff team is working hard to insure a safe and balanced volume for the newest DLC, to do this, we require some time to work out the quirks as well as the balances needed to be adjusted. With this said, we will not be releasing a list of disabled items until we are sure that the items can be used for our Roleplay standard. Now, that does not mean we will have no disabled items, but we will disable a majority of overpowered items at the start of the season until they can be fully tested throughout the start of the volume. What we can however announce, is the release date!

The tentative date has been set for Saturday the 17th if everything checks out! I’m sure everyone is just as excited as the staff team, we have prepared a variety of new things that we hope you will all like! As for the mod list, we want to confirm on a few mods to make sure that there are no issues on the new map, S+ especially. We will keep you updated this week on our current situation for the wipe, as well as the mod list. Thank you all for being patient and understanding in this process!

-Wipe Hype