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Sharing Is Caring Vol 9: Part 2! - ApeChild - 04-08-2018

Sharing Is Caring Vol 9: Part 2!

Rule Changes!

Passive Dinos

There is a new change when it comes to the ruling in regards to Passive dinos. Passive dinos will no longer be unkillable in PVP. This change adds a level of choice when it comes down to deciding the value of your dinos. It will creates more "realistic" roleplay due to the fact that now if people want to keep their dinos they need to respect what they are worth.

Now this change does not mean that griefing of dinos will be permitted. Remember Griefing is still against the rules so to be clear, going out with the intent and purpose to grief someone is still against the rules and will be harshly judged.

Dino Limits

We have revisited our dino limit rules again and have decided upon a scaling system depending on how many people are in a tribe. See below our tables to understand the new count ruling:

Scale system
First 5 tribe members give 12 slots each (excludes solo players who get 15)
Next 5 after that give 8 slots each
Next 5 after 10 members give 6 slots each

[Image: Lt51JS5.png]

Mod list for Volume 9:

- Ark Advance 10
- Castles, Keeps & Forts
- Death helper
- Eco’s Garden decor
- Eco’s RP decor
- Egg N poop collector
- Medieval tavern
- Unlock haircuts & emotes

RE: Sharing Is Caring Vol 9: Part 2! - Jack Gallow - 05-08-2018

Yay! Diminishing returns! Big Grin I remember suggesting a model like this, glad to see it.