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Sharing is Caring Volume 9 Edition - Amphitrite - 03-08-2018

Sharing Is Caring Volume 9!


We will be returning to Ragnarok!

[Image: ao9vf3grYP2BaxjkGEYUPaQRQjtt7GV-JgAjexab...ecC_xKA2d-]

Refresher Timeline

While You Were Gone...
(What happened back on Sa’el over the past 4 Volumes)

Massacre at Selaria:  The “Boss” of the Traders of Zault is assassinated on the island of Selaria, his staff and crew murdered, and the flagship of his merchant fleet destroyed by a murderous mob in the port city of Black Hallows Harbour.

The Zault Civil War:  Without any clear succession of leadership the remaining Traders of Zault begin to fight among themselves for control over their lucrative trade empire, seeking allies from among the many civilizations and islands who have prospered under their economic influence.

The Economic Collapse of Sa’el:  The Zault Civil War is both a costly and bloody conflict which rages for three long years and leaves no clear victor.  When the dust finally settles most of the civilizations and islands dragged into the war, whether voluntarily or forced, are left in near ruin.  As a result a dismal economic depression falls over most of Sa’el.

The Reaping:  In the aftermath of the civil war and economic collapse the people of Sa’el are plagued by a series of mysterious disappearances.  People from every walk of life simply begin to randomly go missing, mostly simply vanishing without a trace.  Though many great minds attempt to solve the mystery, they are unaware that those who have vanished are being drawn into a dimensional pocket known as the Inbetween.

The Severing of Magic: For reasons that have yet to be fully discovered everyone across Sa’el who was attuned to the magic of the ancient Obelisks suddenly find their connections severed.  Any attempts made to reattune or tap into the power they once possessed ends in failure.  This tragedy, combined with both the devastation of the Zault Civil War and the crippling economic depression lead the near collapse of civilization across most of Sa’el.

The Returned and the Chosen:  Roughly seven years after the Massacre of Selaria, all the Obelisks across Sa’el begin to hum and pulse.  Many fear this is the end of the world, but instead many of those taken in what became known as the Reaping are mysteriously returned.  Joining them are a number of refugees fleeing the destruction of the Inbetween.  Soon other strangers begin to appear all across the islands of Sa’el, all seeming to have the same mysterious origin. the planet Earth.

The New Beginning:  The inhabitants of Sa’el, both old and new, now face the daunting task of rebuilding civilization and solving the mysteries of the awakening Obelisks.  Aiding or hindering them are the rival factions of Zault (now under new management), and the mysterious Acolytes who may know more than they are letting on.  Their adventure starts on the island where it all began, Selaria.


The wipe event will be on Saturday the 4th @ 3PM EST & 7PM UTC
Bring weapons and armor. Get ready for some fun!
Also Happy Wipe!


Will I be able to keep my old character from past Volumes?  Yes
Can I still make a character that comes from Earth?  Yes
Can I still bring back an Old Lore Character? Yes
Can I play a character who never left Sa’el? Yes
Can my character use Magic? No
Does my character have to be at the Wipe Event to return to Sa’el? No

Message from Poseidon

There sincerely were issues that caused our date release to be pushed back. We as you may be aware are trying out a new server and talks with server hosts have delayed our release. In addition we have had other staff related discussions about upcoming volumes and Official release dates that have impacted this one. I will personally sincerely apologize to anyone who cannot make this wipe, I look forward to seeing all of you! Also in respect for the staff auctions needing to be canceled this volume I am also offering up a "lottery" of sorts for myself that doesnt require any money or donation to enter. Simply message me that you would like me in your tribe  and right before we launch I will be drawing a name out of a hat and discussing my character with whoever wins. 

Once again I sincerely apologize and as I have stated we dont make this decision easily or lightly and thank you all very much for your understanding.