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[EVENT] Rent-A-Staff - Poseidon - 29-07-2018

Oh boy!

Hello all! I thought I would do my annual check in with you all, hope your summer is doing fine. Now, this isn’t a spoiler or anything for next volume...OR IS IT. Over the last few weeks, the staff team have come up with a plan to make things a-- little more interesting for this up and coming volume. Starting next week, a silent auction will begin for the rights to control  a select volunteered staff member’s characters for next volume! If you manage to win these staff members, not only can you shape their characters, but they will also be in your tribe for next volume. You and the select staff member that you have bought will have a sit down and create the up and coming character, the staff member has the option to change a few characteristics of the character if they so choose. Since this experiment is something we are doing in order to raise money for ArkRP, we have attempted to make it as easy as we can for our staff to participate in the event by allowing them special requests which are included in the form below. Please keep these in mind as you bid on the staff member of your choosing as these requests are non negotiable.

The intention of this little event is to generate funds for the server as we go into the next few volumes as we want to expand on a few of our original product offerings and make things better as we get into the new site. With that in mind here are a few rules specific to this little event.
  • The staff member that you bid on for the volume is an ArkRP staff member, you may not use this staff member to influence any staff decisions, nor should you expect them to divulge any staff related discussions with you. You’re bidding on the right to help craft their character and have that character participate in the roleplay you’re hosting for the next volume, not for OOC benefits.
  • The staff member that you bid on CANNOT be used as a mule. This is our way of expanding our donation system and making it more intuitive, something fun for everyone while still supporting our great community. This isn't a slave auction.
  • You must understand that each and every staff member on this list has committed themselves to providing as much time as they can online with you, but please understand that certain members of staff have commitments outside of ArkRP that they must attend to on a daily basis, as a result they may not be on 24/7 (Me being one of those people obviously)
  • If you make a bid you may not retract it, for the sake of the rest of the community please only make a bid if you have the money to cover it. Failure to comply could result in a temp or permanent ban (we will deal with this on a case by case basis but hope we dont have any of these issues). There is no room for trolling, so please only bid if you have the means and willingness to make good on it!

How do I bid?
BIDDING STARTS NOW! For the first half of the week, you will be bidding by messaging Poseidon directly via PMs or Discord. Like previously mentioned if you make a bid you will be expected to make good on that bid if you win the auction at the end of the week. For the second half of the week Poseidon and the staff team will be putting on little events for the community that will be streamed, during this time you can place your bid live by sending it via stream chat. For best results please use discord and PMs to make sure you’re bid gets placed. Please remember this is a silent auction the values on this table will be UPDATED LIVE, there will also be a #staff-auction channel on discord with a copy of this table that is also updated live.

Please send any questions you have to the moderator team as they are ready to help out as much as they can!

DISCLAIMER:  Though you are able to almost completely mold the character to your choosing, creating a “Slave” character or a “storage” character is strictly prohibited. The character design will be run through the staff team to ensure that you have followed these guidelines.

Also just as an aside Flynn wrote half of this which is why there are not too many “With that said, However, or having said that” s

Without further adieu here is our staff lineup!

RE: [EVENT] Rent-A-Staff - Jack Gallow - 29-07-2018

Well... at least its not RNG lootboxes for staff members *cough* EA *cough*