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Sharing is Caring Volume 8 Edition!! - Amphitrite - 26-05-2018

Volume 8 - Some Assembly Required

I promised another sharing is caring thread and so here one is!
[Image: AXbfOZ9to2L_GdEKlGAzY8xfwqcpoQrIP427R409...pLIx39xwUb]

[Image: 0xZzQOEPW2EO56AT2x5M0TYyGFtSNa11t-wvDQdK...ZJFehpaeVe]
As I am sure most of you can tell we are going to the The Island. Yayy!!!! We are very excited to be returning to The Island. The most excited. We couldn’t possibly be more excited. (Don’t worry, we’re still looking into mod maps for future volumes.) I know a lot of people mentioned Iso as a map but it’s still has a lot of bugs for a lot of people so we have decided to return to our roots and go back to The Island.

Mods, Rates and Drops

There really isn’t much to say about these. We have removed the Eco Stables mod since it wasn’t stable. A lot of people were having issues with the mod. We felt like the rest of the mods really worked well in Volume 7 and saw no need to change them. We did look into the suggested mods but felt like they didn’t really fit the server at this time.
We are going to be testing the lag caused by CFK this volume and seeing how it compares to S+.
We are looking into the crafting skill again. We noticed the clothing weight issue and are testing to see the full effects.
The drops are going to be edited to take out the content that is not available on the map.

Medieval Tavern Mod
Castles and Keeps
Rp Decor
Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator
Unlock Haircuts and Emotes
Eco Gardens
Ark Advance
Death Helper

*Friendly Reminder*

We noticed during this volume there was a lot of discussion about metagaming and OOC information. I know it’s fun to talk about your characters and what is currently happening, but mystery and suspense is what makes stories awesome! We’re nicely asking that if you do want to talk about your characters/current events to do it in PMs or in a TS channel. We really want to encourage people to find it out information in RP. I promise it is much more fun to find out information ICly before OOCly and you don’t want to accidentally ruin someone else’s story.

Just a friendly reminder: If you don’t know if your character knows something, it’s okay to ask people ICly, or have your character re-discover it. People forget things all the time in real life, it could lead to some super fun RP.

Message from Poseidon

As summer hits ArkRP always gets brighter and brighter. Year after year we have seen our shares of ups and downs as a community, and more importantly as a family. As we round into yet another volume please rest assured that I have not gone anywhere. I am still heavily involved in the development, continued production and sustainment of the server, the lore, the staff team and the community as a whole. I know a few of you have seen me extend myself other places and be less available, please allow me to apologize for putting on the appearance of absence. As RoleplayEvolved grows as a company we too need to grow as a community, unfortunately, I need to be the one on the front lines attacking new adventures and opportunities to secure that growth.

With that said, I have and will always continue to read through all that you have to say on our discord channels, forums and my private messages. While I may not currently have the time always to answer or put out a book worth of text on the forums I can assure you that ArkRP will always be the crown jewel of the RoleplayEvolved Network. Just remember while I may not always be around for banter I love hearing your feedback, what makes our volumes the best is our devotion to putting your ideas into play, so keep them coming because all of my best ideas have come from this community and I am sure they will continue to for years to come!


We will be wiping on June 2nd as I am sure most of you saw on discord.
[Image: aADBzTl733yLQjo3mIcyhPw620-Yago946wwqY0H...V45HHUQL_C]

Lore Teaser

“One, two, three, fo-” he stops. “One, two, three, four, five, six, sev-” He stops again. “One, two, thr-” He stops again, this time grunting in frustration. “Hey, hi, hello.” He waves “I’m Keth, remember me? You know, leader of the Greens, trying to end the war, send you home, save you from… Whatever is happening here... Can we all please stop fucking moving? Can we? Thank you. Now that i have your attention, we need to go!
Everybody keep your arms, legs, heads, anything that could potentially be ripped off in excruciating pain, anything that flops around..” *cough* ”Lyall” *cough* “..inside the vehicle at all times.
Our flight today leaves at..Now.
Where to go.. Where to go.. Oh! Captain Clara said that Amaiera
was safe, she’s been there for a bit. There might be natives there..?” He waves it off. “She mentioned something like that.. Anyway, this place was recently ravaged by a pretty bad storm. Everything should be calm now. All the wildlife and vegetation has regrown and it’s a nice, peaceful little spot. Sooo, we should probably go now.. Ready?”

[Image: qBLT0PedMde54D7VuYS74Qfk2qmdnpzK0tZ_9mYC...uLeRYXN_2g]