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Scumbag Inc. [V7] - Zeno - 14-04-2018

Scumbag Inc

A group of strange people…
Doing Strange things…
Making crude Jokes…
And we don’t use soap.

      Okay, ya’ll hush it down I’m bout te tell ya’ll a tale… *Frank spreads his arms out* Now, ye see this Scumbag Saloon. Bodega built it just fer me. Why would such a scumbag like Bodega do that fer me? Well, I tell ye why! It’s because we bruthers frem other muthers. Like, he was a mercenary butt person, an’ I just a friendly swamp man. When he came te the last Island an’ we met in the swamps. Oooh I tell ye, we got a long like we new each udder fer years. We was laughin’ all night long. We even went huntin’ an’ spelunkin’ tigether. I offered him a home, an’ in return, he did the same fer me here. 
 We just like te play jokes an’ be bit scummy, but we’s all have our own personalities. We are just tryin’ te bring some not so pure light inte these here lands, an’ get everyone te live a little. We also want money, booze, women, an’ jobs.

Bodega - Bossman (Patton)
Frank - Swamp Man? (Zeno)
Sigvar - The Iron Hammer (Sigvar)
Nyx - The Man
Arthur D. Cuzz - The Doctor?

Neutral: All unmentioned tribes