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Introducing Herbert Hepworth - AAZ987 - 13-04-2018

The roar of the engines drowned out almost all noise, the crew having to shout just to be heard. In the cockpit the co-pilot raised his head from the radio and looked to the pilot with a grim expression "George has gone down, he was our damned line leader!" The pilot cursed under his breath and tugged at the controls. "Bugger, we'll have to try and go through the clouds to miss the AA. Give it 30 then duck back under to find where we are."

As the Lancaster shuddered at the incline the crew could spot the black smoke trail of their lead plane that was called 'George' plunging towards the ground. And before they could reach the safety of the clouds Flak fire thundered around them. The force of the shells exploding nearby shook the bomber, causing two crew deeper inside to fall over. One of them grasped desperately at the pipes, his uniform dirtied by oil and sweat but the name 'Hepworth' could just about be seen on it.

The plane got into the clouds with moderate damage. But they were now lost, damaged and running out of fuel. About 20 minutes later they decided to duck under the clouds again to get their bearings. And not long after that they were greeted by a barrage again. A flak shot tore through the fuselage and burst a fuel line, incinerating the technician next to Hepworth. Hepworth desperately attempted to close the line, but they had lost too much fuel and the hole in the plane was too great. After a staggered fall they crashed deep in the countryside... 

Some time later Hepworth woke up, unscathed and out of his uniform. After some wandering he had found out he had been transported to another land, where humans from many different eras and some from a land completely alien to him were trying to make their way in the world, surviving alongside and against creatures he has presumed long extinct.

'Herbert Hepworth. Senior Technician for the Royal Air Force.'