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Sharing is Caring!!!! - Amphitrite - 01-04-2018

Hello all!

It is that time of the volume again, time to share! Just for the fun of it and to do something different we are going to give you everything. Right now. 

[Image: kE7KPDuV3UZHLCWcY7ludH5mF_qq4b-ZSLuRQt5o...4uMK1iEGgK]


For volume 7 the decision has been made to keep all the same mods as Volume 6.

Medieval Tavern Mod
Castles and Keeps
Rp Decor
Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator
Unlock Haircuts and Emotes
Eco Stables  
Eco Gardens
Ark Advance
Death Helper

The reason for this is because the staff team believes that all the mods fit perfectly together. On the topic of mod suggestions, there was a lot of talk about the Wardrobe Mod, the topic was brought up at the recent meeting and a decision has been made to not introduce it. The reason for this is because the mod itself is a rough assemblage of clothing that we feel is not up to the standards of the server. To combat this, we are looking into a possible solution for a better clothes mod for Volume 8, and perhaps throw around the idea of making a custom clothing mod for the server!


The drops have been edited this volume. We have added not only Scorched Earth and Abbertation blueprints to the drops but also riot! Good luck!

Rate Changes

Not many rates have changed, but we did lower a couple rates.

The XP rate has been lowered from 4x to 3x. We felt like progression was a bit too fast at the beginning of this volume and this should help slow it down just a little bit,

We dropped the structure damage resistance rate from 1.3 to 1.0 this will make structures more resistant to damage!!

We have also reduced hair growth rate from 0.1 to 0.01 so you should notice a large decrease in how fast your hair grows. Enjoy!


There’s some rocks... Trees... Water... Dinos… oh, and a lot of lava. 

Maybe a griffin, or a rock drake.

And if you are really unlucky a deathworm or two.

But if you’re the most unlucky… a reaper or three.

I’m sure many of you have guessed so I’ll just show you.
[Image: vrwFRM5.png]

We are[Image: xpXy9Tl.png]going to the Volcano!!

This is because the Volcano has SE and Aberration content, it is a relatively stable map. We did look at the other maps that were suggested and decided to give them a bit more time before going to them. 

Hope you will lava being on the Volcano as much as we will!

Wipe Date

Now last but not least, I’m sure you will want to know when this will all being happening. We will be wiping on 


So now that you know you can start getting everything ready to go to be there! 

The loremasters have an amazing day planned for everyone. Hope to see you there and look forward to having an amazing Volume 7 with you all. 

Spoiler: It’s going to be a blast!