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Volume 6 Lore Release - RED - 21-01-2018

Volume 6 Lore
[Image: The_Center.jpg?version=2afea0abba1800473c4ef2bdf9ae254b]

Welcome, newcomer.  I suppose you have questions, a lot of them.  Well I don’t have all the answers, but I think I can help with the more pressing ones.

Where are you?

To be fair friend that is not an easy question to answer.  Likely you came from Earth, the question is when?  You see we believe time works funny here, folks show up on these beaches from all throughout history, well up to a point.  To my best recollection we have never seen anyone from after the Earth year 2018.  As far as anyone has ever been able to figure out we are all trapped inside some kind of bubble that seems to exist nowhere, everywhere, and everywhen.  I guess you could say we are caught in between both space and time.  In fact that is what some folks have been calling this place “The Inbetween.”  Mostly because no one could agree on what else to call it and they just settled on what seemed to fit the best.  Our friends though, they call this particular island New Eden, told us all to make of it what we will.

Now if you didn’t come from Earth, then you must be one of the people from Sa’el. We heard they would be bringing a few of you here via way of their home world.  Seems there was some kind of civil war you got caught up in.  Lucky for you our friends who created the "Inbetween" and this New Eden decided intervene on your behalf.

How did you get here?

If you did not come from Sa’el, then likely your memory is a little fuzzy on that.  I bet your remember thinking you were about to die, maybe a bright white light, the sensation that you were floating?  If so then our friends decided you were worth saving, pulling you from whenever and wherever you were. Most of the time folks come from moments before their death, but sometimes the Observers may pull you in at any random time; for reasons we're not sure of yet. Maybe there was something special about you.  I’m told it has something do with keeping the balance and not having an impact on various timelines.  To be honest the whole thing is a bit confusing, it would be better explained by our friends.

What is that in your arm?

That is the implant, everyone here has got one.  I’m told the folks from Sa’el where born with theirs, but the rest of you seem to have gotten them during your journey here.  Don’t worry if you don’t remember, no one really remembers being processed.  I’m told by our friends that being jerked out of time and space is rather traumatic, so they make sure people are asleep during the whole ordeal in order to protect their minds from breaking.  I would not fret too much about those Implants though, they are quite useful in fact.  They let you understand everyone here not matter what language they speak, they can act as little storage devices, and have a handy display of your vitals should you need it.

Oh wait!  I wouldn’t try to remove that Implant in you arm.  Besides being painful, you need that to live here in “The Inbetween.”  It is what anchors you here, without it, well rumor has it you fall forever- or maybe you just die.  I don’t know really.  All I know is you’re gone forever.

Who are these friends I keep talking about?

Oh, well if you came from Sa’el you probably thought they were your gods or they already told you the truth.  That they are an alien species called the Bixerians.  I know you are probably used to the ones who dress in the blue or red.  Well the Bixerians here recently starting wearing Green to honor some fellow called Wolf.  Seems he did something important back on Sa’el.  Now don’t worry about the Greens, we call them the Observers, they don’t really interfere with us all that much.  They say they are content to let us live our lives so long as we won't cause too much trouble, if you’re lucky they’ll even give you a helping hand from time to time.

What about Magic?

Oh you must be from Sa’el.  Sorry to say friend, whatever attunement you might have had with those Obelisk does not work here.  Sure, some of that technology might seem magical and I hear a few folks know a few home remedies that have bizarre effects, but you’ll find us here in the Inbetween prefer scientific fact and reason to explain most things.

Now that should cover the basics.  I’m sure you have more questions, but this island isn’t an easy place to survive friend, so I’d pick up that rock and start making a better life for yourself or you’ll be lunch for that pack of raptors over there.


To the best of anyone’s speculation the Inbetween exist in a pocket dimension of space that sits outside the normal flow of time.  Exploring the edge of the map would reveal some kind of invisible barrier that seems to surround the entire island, much like a bubble.

You have 2 options when creating your character this season.

1.       Being brought here by the Bixerians from Meridia (The Bixerian home world, Aberration Map) after the conclusion of the Volume 5 wipe event.  Even if your character did not participate in the event or was active during Volume 5, they can still have remained hidden away on Merida to be transported to the "Inbetween".
2.       For reasons that have yet to be disclosed, some individuals are removed from their own time and place and brought to the "Inbetween".  Most of the time this is done moments before their death, but it can happen anytime - though they may not always be aware of the circumstances. The process is disorientating and can vary among subjects, but what all have in common is they don’t remember exactly how they ended up in the "Inbetween" or how they received their Implant.

Everyone has an Implant, removing it will kill you.

The Green Bixerians seem to be unconcerned with your presence and whatever reasons they have for bringing you here is their secret to keep, though there could be hidden clues and events throughout the Volume for those seeking the answers.

While characters for Sa’el can remember a time when they or folks they knew were attuned to the Obelisks and able to perform feats of “Magic”, such things are no longer possible and such talk may be met with disbelief.


On behalf of the Lore Master Team we’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Wipe Event for Volume 5 and for putting up with all the little hiccups.  You all are a very supportive community and all three of us look forward to keeping you entertained this upcoming volume.  We’d also like to thank the entire staff who helped with the event and for all the hard work they’ve done to get us ready for Volume 6.  We hope you all have a wonderful Volume with lots of fun and RP.

The Lore Masters Team