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VOLUME 6 INFO REVEAL - PART 2 - Artemiss - 20-01-2018

Volume 6 Information Reveal Part 2!

We will be returning to The Center for another volume! 
Similarly to the beginning of the Aberration volume, we will all be transferring over from there to the Center through roleplay during the wipe event, so make sure to be there for the best experience! There will be no downtime or purge.

We decided to choose the map because it is a stable official map and the other modded maps like the Volcano are still a WIP that we would like to consider in the future. Iso isn’t finished enough and Volcano is almost finished so it will be amazing to be playing on it once it’s complete. The Center is a gorgeous map and we haven’t been there in over a year so it will be very nice to be back. It provides wonderful opportunities for naval rp.

Below you will see we have decided to overhaul our the drop system and bring drops back! Having said that, this also played a role in our decision to move to The Center as the configuration template we used is optimized for The Center’s drop system. We have put a ton of work into this system, our objective is to leverage blueprints to form an upgrade station feel without the lag or the crashes.

Now before y'all pick up your pitchforks and start running in the staff team’s general direction, we heard you loud and clear. We understand what your opinions, wishes, and wants were for our map this volume. Your feedback has been integral in our decision-making process and it has made this decision much harder and longer than we had anticipated as you may have noticed. Poseidon would like you all to know that we care deeply about what you want to play on, and this was not an easy decision. However, as we specify above we made this choice so we could have a more stable volume overall.

[Image: 7ABUFCk.jpg]

Extra Info and Changes:

-There will be no building in caves.[Minus the Sun Cave]
-We have decided to re-introduce supply drops back into the server! Since we made the decision to remove the upgrade station, we thought this would balance it back out again. You can expect to find blueprints and eggs in them!

We also have a little lore teaser for you written by the lovely new LoreMaster ApeChild!

To the Supreme Intellect of the Authority,

I formally submit to the Scientific Authority a theory me and my colleagues have been researching.  We believe the Obelisk may be capable much more than we originally thought.  We’ve known for some time they can reshape and alter matter on the atomic scale and they are capable of warp travel through space, but our research has led us to suspect they may also be able to warp time in a similar fashion.  I’ve uploaded the data we’ve collected thus far and the results of our initial testing to the Authority’s Central Network Hub for your review.  I believe you’ll find our research to be quite compelling. It would likely open up new avenues of exploration and may even allow us to reverse the effects of the Calamity and save our species from extinction.

I eagerly await authorization to begin Phase Two of our testing.
Professor Thylix Ivo, Head of Temporal Research
Vigilance Testing Facility UR-13.

Warning...Rebellion Activity disrupting Interspace Network...Error…error…Message transmission disrupted…signal lost.

Remember the wipe event will begin tomorrow at 3pm EST / 8pm UTC

Go to sleep now Koge

RE: VOLUME 6 INFO REVEAL - PART 2 - lamsko - 20-01-2018

Aaaaand bloats up after eating ALL the breadcrumbs....and deflates like a leaky balloon.
Nah, just kidding Tongue I haven't been on The Center in so long, looking forward to returning there, this time with you all!

RE: VOLUME 6 INFO REVEAL - PART 2 - Felix - 20-01-2018

I just hope everyone is aware that the Center map receives little to no support when it comes to the base game updates.

Even though, I may come back to the server now that the server is switching to this map.