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Volume 6 Info Reveal - Part 1 - Artemiss - 19-01-2018

Volume 6 Information Reveal - Part 1!

After some long deliberation, we have narrowed down our new mod list, with some new and some old additions! We have also made the hard decision to remove some mods due to their stability or that another mod has similar content, but we hope the new ones will make up for that!

Here’s what we’ll be running:

-Eco Stables  Oooooh!
-Eco Gardens  Aaaaah!
-Eco RP Decor
-Castles, Keeps & Forts
-Ark Advance (with some tweaks!*) 
-Unlock Haircuts and Emotes
-Medieval Tavern

[Image: 64aSWeC.jpg]

Yes, yes! We know you are all hyped to know the map that we will be playing on.
Stay tuned for the next information reveal post!


**We will be removing certain items from this mod:
- 30cc Darts
- 10cc Darts
- Grinder
- Trailmix
 - Adv Electro Prod
- Kibble Maker Table
- Admin Box
- Transmuter
- Firewall

RE: Volume 6 Info Reveal - Part 1 - lamsko - 19-01-2018

Oh the breadcrumbs, they are so tasty!

RE: Volume 6 Info Reveal - Part 1 - dragoncandy - 20-01-2018


RE: Volume 6 Info Reveal - Part 1 - AlmightyTea - 20-01-2018

Juicy reveal, I like it! So pumped that we'll get some ark advanced back.

As for the lack of cute hair mod, meh. Though i'm not sure why it has been removed, I can't imagine this being a deal breaker for anyone, especially with everyone already sharing the same face. While it did add variety and made some peeps look  bootiful, I think this change can be brushed off, especially with all the other nice changes we coming for this volume.

don't hate me I loved cute hair mod too

RE: Volume 6 Info Reveal - Part 1 - Cloudia - 20-01-2018

But I need the grinder to get hot bois.