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{Official Event} The Red's Bargain - RED - 11-01-2018

*A Red scout would make his way into the General’s office. He would look scrawny, as if he hadn’t eaten in a few days. He was also a bit shorter than the others.*

“General, the humans want to meet with us….” He’d state in a raspy tone. 

*The General would be sitting at his desk. The General had a muscular figure, and also quite tall as well. However, the General would examine the scout for a few moments before speaking*

"What about then, Private? What do those rodents want to speak to us about?” The General would ask in a commanding tone. 

“Uhh.. Well.” 

“Spit it out dammit!” The General would shout at the timid soldier. 

“They want to give us food…… and some want to make a deal….” The scout would say with a sign of fear beginning to embed in his voice. 

“Food, you say. A deal, you say. Why do the vermin want to give us anything?” The General would shout slamming his fist on his desk. 

In fear the scout would jump back, I don’t know, Sir…. I just know that they want to speak to us…” 

The General would sit in silence for a moment before addressing the scout. Pondering over his answer for a moment the General would begin to tap his fingers against his desk before finally spurting out a sentence. “Fine, the humans will have an audience with me. Yes, me personally. So, go tell Captain Kilop to prepare a squad to leave for the Fertile Valley.” 

The Scout would quickly salute his General and begin to make his way out of the office, not once looking back in fear that he would be punished for turning an eye in the wrong direction. 

This event will take place Saturday, @ 3 PM EST.

RE: {Official Event} The Red's Bargain - Mr Gubbinz - 13-01-2018

Can someone record or stream this for those who are outa town or unable to attend Please Big Grin