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Hello - CraftingTheCat - 08-01-2018

I'm pretty new to Ark RP coming from first ark Official servers before switching to PvP unofficial (to be honest I am more diplomat than fighter), but now I am looking for something new so I'm trying out RP. So far it looks fun and the lore is amazingĀ  and I'm looking forward to be playing on the server.

RE: Hello - lamsko - 08-01-2018

Hello! There is great potential for RP here from what I've seen and it's easy to get people's attention just to say hi! Looking forward to playing with you.

RE: Hello - Veldiir - 10-01-2018

We've already been introduced in TS and what not but let me take a moment to officially welcome you to the server! I hope you have a bunch of fun and if you need anything from me or another staff member, let me know and I'll do my best to help you! Loved your RP so far and look forward to more soon!