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Gotta love RP - Rohan - 08-01-2018

Hi People,
I'm looking to RP a little after playing hours and hours on single player. I do have some experience on SecondLife many years ago as GuildLeader and basicly a dramatic and conversational but mysterious Druid. I enjoyed this very much but I am open to play other roles of course. I'll start reading the Lore, rules and such on character creation... hoping it is not a complete dictionairy.. hehe Wink ((coughs))
Gonna try and find the server too.
Take care!! Rohan

I am amazed by the quality and size of lore and rules... my appreciation is yours!

RE: Gotta love RP - lamsko - 08-01-2018

Welcome Rohan, looking forward to seeing you in game! The rules are pretty common sense and easy enough to pick up after a few reads. The lore however, is really extensive and there is so much to absorb, but it's a pretty great read if you get into it.

RE: Gotta love RP - Veldiir - 10-01-2018

Welcome to the community and I have to say, it was nice to chat with ya on TS as well. I hope you find all you're looking for here and I hope you have an awesome time here! I haven't had a chance to RP with you yet but hopefully soon! I look forward to seeing you in game and again, welcome! Smile

RE: Gotta love RP - Tavin - 10-01-2018

There definitely is some lore you have to read through, I hope it will work well for the character you wish to bring to this RP. Can't wait to see you in game!