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I have returned, but... - WindyCityMaker - 02-01-2018

Now, I'm pretty sure very few of you, if any, will remember me. I created and used only one character when I was here, and his name was Shal.

But, shortly after I had just started getting into the whole roleplay scenario, my computer fried itself. I only recently got ahold of a decent enough computer to run ARK.

I was whitelisted previously, and had roleplayed. But I am unaware of what has changed, roleplay and scenario and lore-wise. I hope I can get some assistance with this.
I also seem to have lost the server connection in my favorites list, so I am unable to join in again.

I do plan on creating and using a different character when I join again, however.

Edit: For those who wish to know, I joined in December of 2016

RE: I have returned, but... - Kysilar - 03-01-2018

Hello Windy,

Glad to see another returning member! 

As far as lore goes, you can base yourself off of the last events from Volume 4 and the intro story for Volume 5. It's imperative to read the Lore for volume 5, as it contains key elements for creating your character. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact a Loremaster. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Volume 4 wipe event summary
Lore for Volume 5

As for connectivity, try adding the server via your steam itself. You can do this by going to your steam, click on 'View' in the navigation at the top, go to 'Servers', clicking on 'Favorites', pressing 'Add a server' and entering in the following ip:

Kind regards,

RE: I have returned, but... - Artemiss - 07-01-2018

Marking as solved as we have not heard back from you, please PM a staff member if you are still not able to get on the server. Smile