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Volume 5 Lore Release - Arithease - 17-12-2017

Volume 5 Lore Launch Announcement

[Image: 2Foet0k.jpg]

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Volume 4 Wipe event! It was a brand new concept on the idea of wiping by engaging with active roleplay throughout the entirety of the wipe event! We were very excited and happy with the results! 

In other news we have released our Volume 4 Wipe event Summary on the forums which you can find *HERE* It is important that you are aware of the events that occurred. Please keep in mind that your character MUST have been on the Island of Selaria during these wipe events to be on Aberration. You did not have to participate in the actual event however, all three obelisks would have activated and begun to flash. You could have gone to one of the obelisks, pressed your gem against the top of the terminal, (Attempted to use the obelisk.) and found yourself teleported to the Land of Meridia! (Aberration) Anyone that stayed on Selaria instead of taking the option to teleport would have been slaughtered by the Red (Valkarian).

Having said this, if you did not participate in the wipe event, you would not have been teleported to the underwater blue (Vigilance) facility. You simply would have awoken somewhere on Aberration. 

What is more, we have an official release of our Volume 5 Lore! This will be going to the appropriate place on the site very soon as well! 


Volume 5 Lore

[Image: m8oVxjJ.jpg]

Meridia… What is left of our home… The Calamity ripped through our land killing anything it touched. Our entire civilization wiped out by one single decision. The surface used to be covered in beautiful sprawling cities, but is now completely scorched. The atmosphere burnt away to a crisp, leaving it susceptible to the sun's harsh radiation. Countless species of animals extinct, those that managed to survive fled to the caverns beneath the earth’s crust. Despite the conditions being livable underground, the effect of the Calamity are still felt. Long exposure to radiation has bred dangerous mutated creatures and environments. So much of the water that sustains life beneath the surface is tainted with radiation that has spread to the vegetation giving it strange properties. The earth’s core has been unstable for some time causing Earthquakes to roll through the planet with increasing fervor. Worst of all is the Nameless and the Reapers who have been appearing in greater numbers of late, something has spurred them into a frenzy of activity, though what is lost on me. In truth, I dare not speak of the events that led them to exist for fear of the pain and shame that comes when I think of it… 

The war between the Valkarian Rebellion and the Vigilance (Or what is more commonly known to humanity as those adorned with Red armor, and those adorned with Blue.) continues to rage on, neither side giving an inch, despite the constant loss on both sides. Each has set up small outposts within the caverns of Meridia, with the intent to claim the homeland once more. Most recently, however, News has rocketed through the fractured remnants of both the Valkarian Rebellion and the Vigilance, of the arrival of humanity to our home planet for the first time in Millenia. Fear that the Virus carried by humans could spread has created a tense atmosphere with both sides, stirring debate between; testing, containment, and purging the foreign visitors before their enemy has a chance to act first. The humans have scattered around the lands in small groups, unaware of the dangers that currently face them. Their focus remains on trying to adjust, and survive, the harsh landscape that is now their only home after the Valkarian invasion of Selaria.

To any humans reading this, you are one of the lucky few that managed to make it to the Obelisks on the Island of Selaria, Planet C-11, and get teleported to our home world. You should know the Valkarians wiped the Island, those that remained all perished. You are alone on an alien planet, stranded within the bane of our existence. You now reside in our sin, Meridia is the result of our selfish war with each other, and just as our home and the creatures on it, you are suffering for it. Our species is near extinction, the Calamity and the Virus both ravaged our population, now what you see is just the shell of what we once were. You did not deserve to be a part of this war, but that does not matter now, you don’t have a choice. Whether you like it or not you are... I wish you the best of luck. The only advice I can give you is…



We also wanted to give you all a look at a concept drawing we had made by Artemis of the Bixerians! 

[Image: fv9NdIi.jpg]
What is more, the lore team has a HUGE amount of awesome content coming at you for Volume 5! This is going to be our most event and lore packed Volume yet and we are extremely excited about the things to come!

I hope you all enjoyed the event, the lore,  and have fun on Aberration! 

-The Loremaster Team