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{Volume 4} Wipe Event Summary - RED - 17-12-2017

Official Volume 4 “The Escape”  Wipe Event Summary

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During the wipe event, a large number of things happened. To start off this great story, the Red “Gods” attacked the huge settlements of Seleria. By doing so, the residents of Seleria began to scatter. Some running for their lives and others heading towards the bunker of the Collation.

As the Red’s continued to purge the island of Seleria. Ruby and Elle, in a panic, ran towards the Transmitter located in the bunker. Both of them placing their hands upon the Transmitter called out to Wolf, the deserter “God”. After multiple failed attempts, the transmitter turned on and Wolf appeared. The girls, in a panic, informed Wolf of what was happening. Once done, Wolf got on the radio and called the island to the bunker. The people, hearing Wolf’s voice, ran to the bunker for safety. It did not take long for all who were willing to rally at the bunker.
 Wolf, trying his best to get control of the situation, commanded everyone to place their hands on the transmitter in an attempt to call the Blues to their aide. Wolf, trying to buy them some time, ran out in an attempt to hold back the Valkarians. Wolf did his best to fight off the enemy forces however he, was overwhelmed by the overwhelming force the Valkarians posed. 
 [Image: XhKRrbT5Ir3lMJT870xXLjuh-e-IShAMSRIM7zqG...N3dmwmZL-d]
Wolf’s only option was to retreat; He crawled back to the bunker to meet multiple eyes staring at him in hopes he was victorious. To their demise, Wolf stood defeated, his suit damaged and his life fading fast. Wolf, with hope still flowing through his veins, ordered the people to help him to the Transmitter so that he may call upon the Vigilance soldier who helped them before - Rilketh, who they themselves had dubbed “Ranger George”. In seconds he answered their call and the people, ecstatic, ordered him to help Wolf. Rilketh looked over the fallen Byxeerian, stating that he was too far gone. Giving him a final salute, he ended his life in peace, a gift for his sacrifice in protecting humanity.

The people, saddened by the loss of their ally, still pushed on. Rilketh, taking command began to order the people to the Green Obelisk so he could teleport them out of Seleria. The Valkarians, seeing the attempt chased after them, began to fire at the people. The people reached the Green Obelisk, rushing towards the terminal. Rilketh, doing the same, began the teleportation process. By doing this, he caused all of the Obeliks begin to flash violently and emit a grinding type of noise. All the Obelisks on the Island had been activated in this moment to teleport any who wished to receive sanctuary from the invading Valkarians and were not with the main group, to arrive upon the alien homeworld of Meridia.

The people were naked, afraid, and in shock. Met by multiple members of the blue army the people were commanded to stand at attention. Rilketh, trying his best to keep everyone calm, encouraged them to listen to orders. People in a panic began to ask questions, most were ignored in the confusion. Some people were ordered to step to the side, where they were met by a man in lighter armour. The man would examine the people and draw some of their blood, sending them back in line afterwards. The man would then walk up the ladder and talk to someone in a hushed tone. Seconds later, another man would appear in fully blue armour, looking over the group in disgust. With a sigh, he would order them to be quarantined as soon as possible. The soldiers, doing as they were told, initiated the magnetic field pulling everyone towards the wall (Though not before the labs automatic quarantine procedure clicked in and flooded the area). The panicked humans began to scream, trying to pull themselves off the wall. Each attempt would prove to be futile. One by one, people would disappear from the struggling mass of bodies, being teleported to the next level of the facility. There the people stood in a hallway, waiting for their next order. The Commander, walking behind and ordering them all to move aside and listen.
[Image: V8dpkGwnWPY8Ft5hD1McVwkfyT8bR0vLvJAT6J8w...s6nqzAjdDi]

The Commander stood in front of the anxious humans, openly addressing his head scientist, Xorn. The scientist suggesting either keeping them for testing, setting them free amongst the cavernous escapes of Meridia, or simply purging them from existence. He claimed that the potential danger of the Virus being based from one of the Humans to one of their own was too dangerous, and suggested the third option. The Commander sat silent for a moment dwelling on his options before finally stating his intent to let them live. He then ordered them all to grab breathing apparatus from the vaults and get ready to go to the surface. While the people got themselves prepared, Rilketh addressed them and warned them of the dangers the island possessed. Once ready, the Commander ordered everyone in a line, filing down either side of the hallway. After a few brief words were he informed them of the Vigilance refusal to assist their survival efforts once they were released from the facility,  he would begin directing them into the water. Each grabbing a bench attached to the creature's saddle and preparing for what awaited them.
[Image: C6Yy5XJj5-W_qMnum8_GnZyqiTYPZYX13qY3mcif...I5u2W-I9UK]

Reaching the surface, the people were met with many new things that would leave them astounded. From strange plants and trees, to great beasts that would dwarf them in size, to strange animals that would glow in the dark.

The Vigilance members would remove any threat from the immediate area around the humans, allowing them to dismount in relative safety.The humans would gather in a group, turning to look to the Commander. The Commander, dropping from the sky, would then order everyone to line up. The humans would quickly move to obey, listening to the Commander’s words. The Commander would order Rilketh to stand in front of him, watching as Rikelth would be quickly brought to knees by two Vigilance Soldiers who would restrain him. The Commander, stating that his betrayal was to be met with death by exile, would smash the creatures mask in exposing his face towards the humans. He would have very similar lips and facial structure, though his eyes were slanted and alien. His nose was absent, though on the side of his face Gills would be seen, desperately opening and closing as he sucked at the air despite the toxicity of the environment for him. His skin would appear slightly more leathery than the humans, and instead of hair he would have a plated exoskeleton atop his skull.
[Image: pSTUBEO7XuMYuVRq6zYgHScsaz_Jvfhk7AtAXUGL...FDSlx148nj]

The rest of the Vigilance would leave, though not before spitting out that Rilketh was now ‘one of them’. The Vigilance returned to their beast, quickly submerging back down into the dark depths. Rilketh (Ranger George) seemed to be struggling to breathe, begging for the survivors to grant him a swift death, claiming it was better than the long and painful death he would have breathing in Meridia’s atmosphere. They granted him this, though not before he also begged that they forgave the Vigilance for his death by exile, claiming they did not understand their culture, and their history. As his heart beat would stop, Rilketh’s  armor would explode in a bright blue ball of light; Leaving nothing behind. The Selarian refugees would be left standing on the rocky shore, to fend for themselves in a strange Alien world.