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Volume 5 Prep. Announcement! - Pia - 16-12-2017

Helllloooo, Lovelies!

The first bit of exciting news... The Wipe Event is happening tomorrow at 2:00 pm EST! -- This has been changed to 3:00 pm EST! ---

We would also like to speak with you all about the approach we are wanting to take for Volume 5 and the general theme/setting. The lore for Volume 5 is aimed towards a “Refugee” feel. We are survivors stranded on an alien and hostile planet filled with new and exciting challenges that we must face.

What that means is that we are looking to limit the size of bases - so please, no giant castles or megabases! Try to think; In this trying time, how would your character act? It’s a harsh and challenging environment. Typically you would be more focused on the challenging task of survival rather than luxury. Resources are scarce, and the environment itself offers a host of dangers from Reapers, to radiation all of which you have to combat on a daily basis!

Who’s excited for the Volume 4 Wipe Event? I am!

As a side note, we would like to touch base on the behaviour expected by everyone during Staff Events. On the bottom of each event thread, we will be stating if there are any modified rules for the event. You are still expected to follow all rules not mentioned, and if there are no modifications ALL server rules will be upheld. Please make sure to look at these and take note of them before attending each event to avoid reports and strikes.

While we want the RP to be dynamic, the rules must be followed. Remember while we always strive to have a lot of fun, we must act within the ruleset, and within roleplay. Try to avoid mob mentality and think of what your character would do, not necessarily what you find to be the most fun option.

With that said and out of the way, we are excited to see everyone tomorrow and hope everyone has a good Wipe Day! We are very excited for the beginning of Volume 5 and the opportunity to explore the new Aberration Ark with all of you!

RE: Volume 5 Prep. Announcement! - Zeno - 16-12-2017

Uhm you mean today at two, right?

RE: Volume 5 Prep. Announcement! - Pia - 16-12-2017

That was posted yesterday. Smile It is today at two, yes. Smile But, due to unforeseen errors, the event has been pushed back to 3pm EST.

RE: Volume 5 Prep. Announcement! - MissQueenie - 16-12-2017

Sorry to be a bother, will the new server be up today or tomorrow? I only ask as I am in Britain so it is 22:40 over here but I would love to be on when the changeover occurs Smile

RE: Volume 5 Prep. Announcement! - Arithease - 17-12-2017

The new server is currently up right now!