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Volume 4 Wipe Event Announcment - Arithease - 13-12-2017

Volume 4 Wipe Event Announcement

Hello ArkRP Community!

As many of you know, we are less than 1 weeks away from wiping into Volume 5 and our Volume 4 wipe event. As we announced earlier in the community meeting, this Wipe event will be different than anything we have previously done. With the use of a clustered server, we will be doing an interactive and continuous wipe!

What this means, is that during the actual wipe event, we will be moving from Ragnarok, to Aberration -ALL- through roleplay. We will not have the day or so downtime, we will not have a purge. We will begin the final wipe event on Ragnarok and will transfer over to Aberration to finish the final part. The server will then be brought down for a very short period of time before we are back up and running!

Having said this, you will NOT be keeping character models, Dino’s, or items of any kind during this Wipe. We will be starting completely fresh on Aberration to make room for some of the new and exciting changes to the game that this expansion brings with it.

If you are interested in being one of the first in the community to get into Aberration, we HIGHLY recommend that you participate in the final wipe event. All the same, EVERY character must have come from Selaria, NO EXCEPTIONS. You cannot have come from anywhere else, you cannot be a Native to Aberration. We will be posting up a wipe event review immediately after the event has finished. You are expected to know what the final wipe event was, and you are expected to apply your character backstory for this event. 

The final wipe event will be happening December, 16th, 2017 *TIME TBA*