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[Volume 5] Sharing is Caring - 2! - Pia - 12-12-2017

Helllloooo, Lovelies!

Here are again with another Volume 5 Sharing is Caring thread! This one will be rather short, content-wise, compared to most.

As you all likely know, Aberration is coming out tomorrow (December 12!) at 8am PST. Ooh, how exciting! We are hoping to have our “Testing” server up and ready for you all shortly after that so you can get on and start exploring and testing out the new expac!

We are expecting most people playing next volume to already be eager and wanting to get in game as soon as possible to start trying and testing the new content - and boy, does that make us happy! We are eager to have your opinions and feedback on the new content. Is something too OP? Is something ‘broken’? Do you hate or LOOOOVEE something? Did you find a game-breaking bug?
Let us know either in our “Aberration Investigation” thread ( or in our Discord Channel (Called: Aberration Investigation)!

Please, everyone, let’s try our best to be respectful to other players and testers. We won’t have official rules on the Testing Server, but Community Rules and Mature content rules still do apply. Alllsoooo, pretty please don’t be too much of a bumhead and murder everyone nonstop.

Keep in mind, ARKRP Staff will also be in game testing things and making the final decision on everything.

Lore! Everyone wants to talk about lore. Well, Amphi and I begged and begged and begged the Loremaster Team to give us a little something to leak to you guys. And they wrote us up this great little teaser. Hope you enjoy!


“Sir… Are… Are you sure about this?! You understand that it has ne-”

“Hold your tongue! The decision has already been made, it is out of my hands.”

“We could… We could warn them…”

*The sound of a Tek rifle being fired would ring out of the darkness.*

“Treason… The punishment must fit the crime.”

*A lone figure adorned in tek armor would step out from a darkened room, a small box tucked near the bottom of a large cliff that spiraled up into the light purple sky above. The land around would be peaceful. Long green grass growing wild interrupted only by winding paths leading through the tall reeds towards a large platform in the sea of green. Atop the platform would rest a terminal, and a large purple beacon, leading it’s way up towards the massive floating tower. It hung above the world like a graceful giant, watching over everything around it. The figure would suddenly snap into motion, the pack on it’s back lighting up by some unseen command, lifting the figure gracefully into the sky, just high enough to be over the grass, before it would begin to move towards the tower in the sky. Throughout the grass, the quiet noises of creatures at play could be heard, a pack of Bronto’s sat lazily some distance away, feeding at the long stalks.

*The figure continued it’s short flight across the grassland until it landed on the platform, boots making a sound as they hit the ground, metal on metal. The figure would walk forward slowly until it stood before the terminal, bringing both hands up, it would tap on its wrist, a hologram would quickly pop from it, a small ball of light, with streams of data rushing past quickly. The creature would simply stare at it for a few moments, before letting its wrist drop to his side, the hologram would disappear as quickly as it appeared. The creature would take in a large breath, breathing it out slowly as he took a final moment to glance around at the peaceful surroundings. Rolling grasslands made way for a tall redwood forest in the distance, the tree’s stretching high as if reaching for the sky above. A few clouds would be present in the distance, just enough to send the colors of the sunset showering onto them. Light shades of pink, purple, and orange. A pack of Dimorphodons would fly casually through the sky, squawking occasionally at each other. The scene was peaceful. serene.

*The figure would turn back towards the tower, reaching out its hand, as if to put it on top of the terminal. It would freeze for a moment though, trembling slightly. Its breath would come in quick, rapid motions before it would whisper out softly to itself. *

“Please... Forgive me…”


Sooo... *cough*

AHH! Aberration HYPE!

RE: [Volume 5] Sharing is Caring - 2! - Tecfall - 12-12-2017

wish you all the best in the next expansion of arkrp!! may you all have wonderful adventures and some awesome rp with the new map and such. Unfortunately I will not be joining mostly d the fact of the expense, but hopefully I will see you all again in about a month when you possibly switch to another map.

RE: [Volume 5] Sharing is Caring - 2! - Catacman - 12-12-2017

So... Imma start running into walls trying to find any unclipped objects, I'll see you in a few years once I have clipped everything possible.