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[Volume 5]Sharing is Caring - Release Date & More! - Pia - 30-11-2017

Hello, lovies!

[Image: sharing-is-caring-1.jpg]

We are back once again with our Sharing is Caring updates! Oh, goody!

The first exciting thing that we are going to touch on is our wipe date. I mean, there is no Volume 5 without a date, huh? We are aiming for December 16, 2017 as our wipe date. So, yes! This does definitely mean that we are going to Aberration. Now, we do know that Aberration’s release date is December 12 and a lot of people are going to be SUPER excited and want to play it as soon as possible. But .. where are they going to play? ARKRP’s date isn’t until the 16th!? Well, let me tell you that we thought of that!

We are looking into getting a temporary server up with Aberration on it so people can go and play, check things out and get a feel for the expac while our totally awesome Staff team tests the new content, develops and tweaks rules and fully finalizes our lore. No, really, we’re gonna be working our booties off to get everything settled for our RP release!

We are going to both have a Discord channel and forum thread where people can discuss Aberration, it’s content, ask question and so on. Your feedback about the game is very appreciated, so keep your eyes out for that!

As a side note, please, if buying the expansion is not something that is available to you, pm one of us staff members. Everything will be kept confidential.

AHH! Aberration HYPE!