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Defiance - Amphitrite - 12-11-2017

Kaya curled into the couch, she was still shell-shocked at the news that Mr. Foxy had dropped on her today. She stared down at her hands and noticed she was picking at her nails again, she stopped folding them under her legs. Then paused and picked at them again until they bled, making them almost as short as they were when they first started growing back in.

She didn’t know how it had gotten to this, her home completely torn from her because of two bad guys. Before, when her entire family was here, they would have ripped them to shreds. No one fucked with Kasa and her. No one. Even Mr. D-Dickhead was nice to them but not anymore. Not that she had seen him in over a year and only twice since they had grown up.

Not for the first time since they had done it, Kaya wished that they never had. That Kasa and her had just stayed little forever. But no, they decided to grow up and ever since the storm that ripped everything to shreds everything had gone to shit.

And now everyone wanted them to leave, leave the only home they had ever known. Meet new people and run away from their problems. So much for being warrior women like Mama had raised them to be. No, they were being sent to hide away from everyone that could hurt them, but what if the bad people followed them or there were new bad people there. They were strangers, Kasa and her didn’t know them. 

Even Uncle Alistair was on Mama’s and Papa’s side. She was surprised about that. He knows how she feels about leaving, he was teaching them how to use the green to protect themselves. She had expected him to support them. She hadn’t been surprised that Uncle Archer wanted them to leave, he had always been overprotective. Thank Uriel they had one person on their side. 

Kaya was nervous about going against Mama and Papa’s wishes but this was her home. She wouldn’t watch it fall apart around her or run and hide. As much as they may hate it now, that wasn’t how her parents raised her. She took a deep breath, as hard as it may be, she had made a decision, she was staying. No matter what. She had made it the moment she had gotten a last name. 

RE: Defiance - Felix - 13-11-2017

Great post, Amphi.. But uhh..

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RE: Defiance - GladiusGaming - 13-11-2017

Don't call me that, motherfucker <3

RE: Defiance - Amphitrite - 13-11-2017

(13-11-2017, 12:24 AM)Felix Wrote: Great post, Amphi.. But uhh..

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Not at alllllll

And love you @GladiusGaming but the rp goes where it goes <3

RE: Defiance - Amphitrite - 17-11-2017

Kaya swung her legs over the cliff. They’d had so many good memories here. She ran her hands over the dirt, it was almost as if she could feel the memories still lingering. If she closed her eyes she could still see everything as it was. Dozens of different memories played out in her head, mingling together. She sighed. 

Everything was gone and what wasn’t soon would be. Even if it was still here, if her parents and uncles had their way she wouldn’t be. Thank Uriel for Kasa and Foxy. She knew they would support her. She shivered, thinking of their plan to get her off the island. It reminded her too much of what happened in her nightmares. She had imagined a million ways that she had gotten her injuries but the most persistent one was being drugged and waking up and restrained in a place she didn’t know and then the being tortured there.

Kaya quickly stood from her seated position atop the cliffside, feeling the urge to pace. She grabbed her radio and sent out a couple quick bursts of static, Kasa might be up now, everyone had been sleeping earlier. But she wasn’t sure which channel Kasa was listening to so she took the risk of doing it on both.

Not long later Uncle Alistair’s voice came over the radio. He told her that he knew it had been her on the radio and asked if she was okay. She stared at it for a moment, debating not answering but she remembered how crazy they got when Kasa did that. She sighed and answered no. Then he wanted to where she was.... didn’t he get that she wanted to be alone? She sighed and answered that she was at home. He seemed surprised at her response but told her that he was coming and not to run.

But what was the point of running? They would just hunt her down until they found her now. She had some tranq darts of her own if she needed them. She crawled up onto the metal rocks and settled in to see if her uncle could find her.

She wasn’t surprised that he tried Foxy’s first, she figured that would be the first place he’d look. While Alistair flew about looking for her they spoke over the radio, he seemed confused about the plan for her to leave even though he had told her before she was leaving. He told her that she was to leave just as Uncle Archer had told her.  

She watched as Alistair landed with his phoenix. They spoke some and he convinced her that he never had any intention of drugging her and she got him to promise that her and Kasa wouldn’t have to leave. She knew that Papa and Uncle Archer would still be a problem but it was nice having Uncle Alister on their side again. He told her about how he fell and Orlen took his broken legs for him. She thought it was kinda weird but she would do the same for any of them.

Kaya went with him back home where he had his griffin. And then he flew them to a bar, where people go to forget their problems. She frowned, she had had enough of forgetting. There were so many people, the man she had met earlier thought that Uncle Alistair was her father. Which probably would have made her giggle if he hadn’t snuck up on her.

Thankfully most of the people left, but her uncle must have noticed how uncomfortable she still was since he pointed out all the exits and defences of the place. Which Kaya was surprised to find that it helped knowing. She was actually able to relax in a place she didn’t know. Well relax as much as she could knowing that someone could walk in at any moment.

They were talking about Mr. D-Dickhead and Uncle Alistair made a comment about Kasa. Kaya snapped at him, that Kasa was trying her best. Why didn’t anyone get that? They had seen the people they had grown up with. How could they not want to protect their family the same way their family protected them? If their uncles just took a moment and thought about it they would realize what she was doing.

Then Andy showed up and was asking Uncle Alistair a lot of questions. Uncle Alistair responded using that voice that people used when they want you to shut the hell up. She glanced between them, knowing there was something up but both of them shut up. Andy mentioned Tempest was outside so Kaya went to go talk to her.

She sat quietly beside her as Tempest raged on at her for leaving. Kaya frowned, she didn’t even leave for that long. She had spent the last couple of nights there, although not where most people would find her. She got Tempest’s point but, she had to understand that she couldn’t just stay there after Cyrus had been there. Ever since his visit the nightmares had gotten worse.

Everyone seemed to be getting mad at her for leaving lately. First Foxy and now Tempest and she bet Kasa would be later too. She sighed staring off into the ocean while Tempest stormed off. She didn’t know how to make everyone happy. They wanted her in three different places and it just wasn’t possible.

She jumped slightly as she heard Uncle Archer’s voice. She quickly turned around to keep him in her line of sight. Even with Uncle Alistair’s reassurances that no one was going to drug her, she knew her godfather. He wouldn’t do it to hurt her, but to keep her safe. He would do anything to keep her safe, even if that meant making her worst fears come true. She loved her uncle but she couldn’t let him do that, she wouldn’t let him drag her away from her home.

Back at the harbour Uncle Archer revealed what had really happened to Uncle Alistair. That Orlen had shot him, and then taken the wounds. Kaya freaked out, she didn’t even know what she said to them but it wasn’t fair. The uncles lied to them but except them not to lie back.

They argued for hours, about everything under the sun. Uncle Alistair wanted to make them guardians but Uncle Archer wanted to protect them instead. About Kasa’s actions and their desire to protect their family no matter what. And the uncles’ overprotectiveness.

Uncle Alistair was convinced that they could convince Uncle Archer. Kaya wasn’t so sure but after much yelling and screaming and convincing he finally agreed, warning that if they did get hurt then it was all over. Uncle Alistair turned and mouthed told you so to her and Kaya rolled her eyes. It wasn’t perfect but it would work for now.

RE: Defiance - Amphitrite - 08-12-2017

Kasa came downstairs as Uncle Alistair was lecturing Kaya about picking at her nails. Kaya refused to stop. She wouldn’t do anything Cyrus wanted, even if it hurt her in the end. She promised to keep them clean but she wouldn’t stop. Kaya could see the concern in Kasa’s eyes but Kasa supported her as always. 

Kasa whispered to her that they needed to talk. So Kaya told the uncles that they were going to get meat for the otters. The little cunts ate a lot so they always needed more food. The uncles quickly followed them out, concerned that Kasa was going to run.

Kaya glared at both of her uncles. “What are we? Prisoners?” Both men quickly disagreed, but refused to let them leave.
Kaya rolled her eyes, Kasa had no reason to run right now. They just needed to talk away from everyone. The uncles could be so overprotective sometimes. Kasa got on Munch and started flying above the harbour in circles. She was pissed. 

Kaya looked at both her uncles. “This is why she has to lie to you and run away. Because you don’t listen to what we are telling you. We aren’t going anywhere dangerous, we just need to talk.” Kaya glanced around the town. “We won’t leave the walls since you guys are so against it but leave us alone so that we can talk.” Kaya walked away from her two uncles without waiting for an answer. She pulled herself up onto the griffin that Uncle Alistair gave her and flew up to Kasa. She yelled for her to land at the opposite end of town that the uncles were at, which both girls quickly did.

Kaya quickly hugged Kasa. “I’m sorry they’re acting like that and I’m sorry for leaving. I shouldn’t have, but I got scared. Foxy told me that they were planning on making me leave and I couldn’t let that happen. You know Uncle Archer, if he thought that was what was best for us, will do whatever it takes.” A haunted look would cross her features. “I can’t let them, anyone, drug me. I can’t be like that again.”

Kasa pushed her hair back and comforted Kaya “It’s okay. I get it. I love you.” 

“Yeah, I don’t think I can leave here either..everything we have ever known is here. It’s our home, not where ever Mama and Papa want us to go. This land is part of us, and we’re part of it. I can feel the memories of us everywhere here.” Kaya’s voice would get really quiet, this part was hard to admit, even to her twin, “ Plus there are too many strangers there, here we have the uncles, we have family.”

“I told Papa I would go, but I’m not leaving without you.”

Kaya nodded “I know you probably don’t want to stay after everything that has happened, but I can’t leave, not yet.” 

“Then we won’t leave. Together forever.” Kaya nodded and smiled at Kasa’s words, repeating them as she held onto Kasa’s hands. 

After a few moments, Kasa looked out towards the water. “They all hate me now.” 

Kaya looked at her shocked. “No, they don’t, they might be mad but they don’t hate you. They could never hate you, Kasa.”

“Uncle Alistair made Orlen shoot him because he wanted to die. You should’ve heard the things they said Kaya…” pain crossed her face, she looked like Kaya had imagined she had looked when Cyrus whipped her. “Trust me. They hate me.”

Kaya wrapped her arms around Kasa as tightly as she could, being careful of her stomach. “They don’t Kasa. I promise they don’t.” Kaya whispered she hated seeing Kasa like this. She promised herself that she would make those people pay. Mr. D, the Captain, Solus and all of Moore Harbour. She’d sink their island.

She nods but doesn’t look convinced. “I just wish it could be like before. Before we grew up, before everyone left.”

“Me too Kasa, none of this ever would’ve happened if Uncle Red was here.”

Kasa laughed sadly. “Yeah, we need Uncle Red back.” 

Kaya squeezed Kasa’s hand “Then we’ll get him back, we can send him a letter or something. And until then we can go somewhere else. Away from everybody.” 

Kasa shook her head in disagreement. “I can’t, they won’t let me leave. You saw what happened earlier and we just wanted to talk.” She sighed. “Besides, I promised Orlen I wouldn’t. Even he hates me. I’ve been sleeping on the couch.”

Kaya frowned, she was sure that Orlen didn’t hate Kasa. No, her best friend and twin were meant to be together. “I’ll talk to him. And if he does, which I’m sure he doesn’t, we’ll leave.” Kasa tried to protest but Kaya cut her off. “We aren’t staying if you are miserable. It’s not good for you, either of you. I will take care of it, okay? They aren’t going to blame you for this. Just give me some time and I’ll get it all sorted out.”

Kasa nodded and Kaya made her way back to the tavern. She had things to talk to the uncles about if they were still there. She didn’t care who they were, she would not put up with them treating Kasa like this.

She stormed into the tavern, ready for a fight. She saw Uncle Alistair and Orlen talking at one of the tables. She stalked over to them, glaring down “What the fuck did you guys say to Kasa?” she continued on without giving them a chance to answer, “because she thinks that you hate her.” she glared down at her uncle “and I know that our family would never let anyone think that no matter how mad we are.” she switched her gaze to Orlen “and you if you really love her like I know you do then you won’t ever make her feel that way again. If she’s sleeping with me on the couch, I swear Orlen, you won’t like what happens.” she turned on her heel and marched upstairs. Lying down to try and get some sleep on the couch.

Kaya woke up to Kasa cuddled up to her, she frowned, she had been hoping the two could make up. It explained why she slept so well though. Kaya maneuvered herself off the couch without waking up her sister and made her way over to Foxy’s. She hadn’t seen him in a bit and figured she would check up on him. She didn’t want him worrying again. He had been so upset last time that she figured she would seek him out first before he had to come find her. She checked in the main building and up by the fliers but she didn’t find anyone.

She took a breath before calling out for someone, after what happened she really didn’t like being around here when no one else was awake. Just as she was about to give up and leave, Andrew and Tempest answered, inviting her into Temp’s house. Tempest was still angry about her leaving before, about lying about who she was. 

Kaya defended herself. It wasn’t like she could stay here and let the bad man see that Tempest was here too. And she had never lied. Kasa and her might as well be the same person, everyone got them confused. Half the time they got each other confused. They had long since given up on correcting anybody, Kaya was Kasa and Kasa was Kaya.

Kaya convinced Tempest that they should work together. Everyone was saying how Kaya needed revenge but they always forgot about Tempest. She wanted them to work together to get rid of the bad man. Temp eventually came around with the help of Andrew. 

She casually brought up the mention of Tempest’s secret house. She needed it to get Kasa away from everyone, they were just upsetting her and that wasn’t good for her or the baby. She had promised that she would deal with it. This was the best way.

Temp agreed to let them use the house, and Kaya promised that she would only tell Kasa and Orlen where it was. She wouldn’t even tell Orlen but Kasa was in love with him so Kaya kind of had to. She just had to come up with a way to get them there.

Kaya took the radio that Andrew handed her and added it to her growing collection. She hugged them both and headed home after quickly checking for Foxy again.

RE: Defiance - Amphitrite - 10-01-2018

Kaya awoke to the sound of construction. She looked out the window and saw a man who she watched for a short while. She wanted to introduce herself, she would have before… She bit her lip, Uncle did say that everyone here was safe. And why would a bad man build something in the town here, that didn’t make sense. Maybe she needed to look more closely. She slowly made her way down the stairs and snuck around to watch the man from the other side of the building in progress.

Kaya had forgotten how relaxing it was to watch someone build. She hadn’t done it since Papa built their house on top of the world. She followed the man from afar as he would go and get the supplies he needed for the build.

She thoughtlessly picked at her nails as she debated talking to him. He didn’t look like a bad man and she really didn’t think Uncle Alistair would let one build here. She had moved out of her hiding place without really noticing, sitting on the steps to watch him now. If he turned he’d be able to see her, but he didn’t which made Kaya feel more bold.

She hesitated for just a moment before straightening her back and calling out to the man.

The man turned to speak to her, “Hello.”

“Are you a builder?” Kaya asked gently.

“No,” he shook his head “I’m a guard. I guard.”

She took a calming breath before continuing “So you can uh... teach me how to fight?” She resisted the urge to cover her mouth as she said it.

He looked at her for a moment, “Your Uncle would kill me.” he turned back to his building.

She stood up quickly and made her way over to him “No, uh... he wouldn’t. H-he doesn’t even have to find out.”

The man sighed and looked to the sky for a long moment, Kaya held her breath, “Fine, let’s get you a training dummy and a sword.” He turned and walked towards the workshop.

The entire afternoon was spent learning from Cameron; how to stand properly in a fight, how to hold and swing a sword, and even how to punch. She had even gotten a punch in on Cameron, not that he had been expecting it but it was his own fault. He said to get close and then hit them once she were close enough, so she did.

By the end of the day Kaya collapsed onto the couch beside Kasa. She was careful not to put any weight on Kasa’s stomach when she cuddled up to her sister. Perhaps tomorrow she would ask Uncle Alistair for a new room since Orlen kicked them out of theirs.

RE: Defiance - Amphitrite - 20-03-2018

“Kaya, wait there and I’ll bring you out some real food.” Amy’s voice came from the kitchen, as Kaya snagged some cookies off the bar. She groaned but did as she was told. Amy brought Kaya in a proper meal to eat in addition to the cookies, she offered to take Kaya to Aces and Eights with her. Kaya debated for a moment before agreeing. 

After she was finished eating, Kaya climbed on the griffin behind Amy and held on tightly. Amy flew to a building near where the bar was and asked if Kaya had been in the haunted house yet, she hadn’t so Amy called Marco over.

Kaya picked at her nails, new people still made her nervous, and Marco was a large man. But Kaya followed Amy’s lead and got off the griffin to greet him. Amy suggested that they show Kaya the inside of the building so Marco opened the door and in they went.

The walls were covered with pictures depicting things that she had only heard about in stories. Things that she would one day grow strong enough to do to people who hurt others. She smiled, the pictures though terrifying were well done, and she wanted to lock Cyrus in here so he would know what was coming for him. 

As they walked through the house, Marco pointed out the scary parts, showing her where they would use people to scare those going through the haunted house. Kaya was happy that they were going through it during the day and not at night, otherwise it would have terrified her.

Next Marco took Amy and her up to the bar, and he gave her a tour with another man she didn’t know. She stayed close to Amy and kept an eye on both of them, just in case. As Marco explained on of the bar games to her, Kaya’s mind drifted. She jumped as he got louder, saying how she didn’t like Hank, the other man’s, game.

She glanced at the setup, having no idea what it was for, Kaya panicked, “No, no, I like it. I like it a lot. It uh-it sounds like fun.” She began picking at her nails, she didn’t mean to upset them..

Marco moved onto the next game and explained it to her, she made sure that this time she paid attention to what he was saying. Once he was finished, she complimented him on it. He turned to the other man to brag about how much more Kaya liked his game.

Kaya stuttered and tried to do her best to reassure the men that she liked both games equally. Amy gently told Kaya that the men were teasing her and not to worry about hurting their feelings. She said that the guys were just being silly and trying to make her laugh.

“Oh.” Kaya shifted awkwardly and laughed. She relaxed a little bit but still stayed close to Amy. They showed her the rest of the bar without incident. They showed her the cage for fighting and the VIP room, which Amy rushed her out of.

Once they made their way back to the bar, the men offered Kaya some wine. Which she accepted once she saw Amy take some. Amy warned her not to drink too much. But Kaya already knew better than that, she would never again let herself be put in that situation. 

Kaya stared at the wine for a moment, she reminded herself that this was just like the beer her uncle had given her. That Amy had some and she was fine. Amy wouldn’t ever let anything happen to her. Kaya took a tiny sip before taking another. It tasted much better than the beer. Before long the constant worry that Kaya always had sitting in the back of her mind seemed gone. She had forgotten how much more free she felt without it.

They made their way onto the balcony, Kaya and Amy argued with the men about keeping the sheep that had wandered up there somehow. They quickly named him George and pronounced him the strongest man in the world. They insisted that Marco and Hank had to keep George in the bar and couldn’t kill him.

As they were getting George inside, Uncle Alistair called over the family radio. He sounded concerned, probably because Kaya almost never left the town anymore unless she went to Foxy’s. Kaya reassured him and told him where she was and that he should come over. 

“Kaya, come in here for a moment.” Kaya turned and saw Marco in the fighting cage, “You know how to fight, right?” she nods, suddenly shy again, “Good come show me,” he taps his cheek, “show me how hard you can punch.”

Kaya knew she could punch him hard. Cameron had taught her well and she had since him wince after she had hit him. She slipped inside the cage. She walked up to Marco, swung and punched him in the jaw. She spun around and walked back outside the cage, laughing. Kaya heard him laugh behind her.

“You have quite the punch on you.” He rubbed his jaw.

Kaya nodded “I hav-had quite the teacher.” she corrected as she saw Uncle Alistair enter the room. She ran over and hugged him tightly. “Uncle Alistair! You found us!” She giggled and bounced away to go and greet her twin. She didn’t see him staring after her. All signs of her anxiety gone

Marco and Hank gave them grenades to toss around outside. It reminded Kaya of when she was happy, when her August and then later Lucius had shown her how to make things go boom. Kaya enjoyed being free.

The men kept a steady supply of alcohol flowing, and Kaya kept drinking just enough to keep her thoughts quiet. She knew Uncle Alistair and Amy were keeping an eye on her and she was enjoying being free again.

RE: Defiance - Amphitrite - 20-03-2018

***Huge time hop to after Kasa died <3***

Kaya stood in front of Foxy, tears streaming down her face. She didn’t know how to tell him she was leaving. Leaving to never come back. But she couldn’t stay here, Kaya couldn’t stay where she lost her. She wrapped her arms around herself, hoping to be able to hold herself together after she lost another one of the pieces of her heart. 

“I can’t- I can’t stay here.” She choked out. “Uncle Red, he came to bring us home with him.” She watched as Foxy’s face fall. “Being here, without her. It makes me want to join her. Every day it feels like” She picked at her nails “It feels like I should join her. I need to-”

Fox would reach into his pocket pulling out a cigarette, his eyes still locked on Kaya his gaze dark almost black with the anger and fear running through his mind. As he watched Kaya sob, he would place the cigarette between his lips, taking out his lighter, trying to get a spark from the old thing. Flick, flick, flick, that sound that ringed throughout Fox’s fort constantly, after a few silent moments the lighter would emit a spark drawing a flame to the lighter. Fox would bring the lighter to the edge of his cigarette, allowing the smoke to dance to the sky above. With a quick movement, of his fingers he would close the lighter killing the flame in seconds, slipping the lighter back into his pocket. Silence, for what felt like years was standing between the two. Fox would be idly blowing out smoke as Kaya sobbed to herself. After a few moments of pure silence, Fox would take the cigarette away from his lips flicking it to the side. 

“Are you fucking serious?” asked Fox anger clearly in his tone “Are you seriously thinking about killing yourself? Do you think that’s gonna solve this fucking shit show?” he asked but his tone seemed more commanding then questioning when it filled the air. 

She shook as he spoke, “I have to be with her. Being here is hell. What else can I do? We were meant to be together. I’m missing half of myself. I don’t want to leave but I have no other choice. It’s the only way we can be together.” She sobbed, wanting to go to him but she couldn’t bring herself to take comfort from him when she was breaking his heart.

Fox would grit his teeth as she spoke, his heart was being torn in two different directions. His hands would ball to fists as he tried to gain his composure. He didn’t know what to say, or really what to do in this time. All he knew was be himself, and hope that his silver tongue could fix the dire situation in front of him “Darlin, listen to your self for fucks sake. You are talking about taking your own god damn life for her! You know for a god damn fact that’s not what she would want. She would want you happy, running around having a good time, going on adventures, and living your life. She wouldn’t want you to join her up at those pearly gates.” Fox argued as he watched the girl he called his sister sob.

“She doesn’t get to choose what I want to do anymore! I was more than willing to give my life for hers before because without her in it, mine isn’t worth living! She has a kid, she had everything. She needs to be here, not me. But if she can’t be here with me then nothing is going to stop me from being with her.” Kaya half-glared at the ground “She choose to die so I can do the same.”

Fox would unball fists and drop to his knee. His hat lowered to cover his eyes from the upcoming tears that were approaching. With a shaky hand, he would reach forward placing his two fingers under Kaya’s chin raising her eyes to meet his. “Now you look at me and you fucking listen. Don’t you fucking dare, give me fucking lip, or decide to act like a little shit right now.” Fox would sigh, as he gathered the words for this upcoming battle. “She didn’t choose to die, she didn’t choose to have her life ended early, and she didn’t choose to leave you. Ya fuckin hear me. She had a horrible accident, happen to her and goddamnit I couldn’t fucking save her, but darlin you know I tried. You know how hard I tried to keep her going. So you fucking listen.” 

Tears would begin to flow down Fox’s cheeks, like a rapid river they would rush down his face. His voice still collected but almost distant. It sounded as if he was battling his inner demons, and his was felt like a breaking heart all at once “What she would have wanted is for you to be happy, and you need to look at this like an adult. You asked me over and over to treat you like an adult. So guess what that’s what’s gonna fuckin happen. She would have wanted her sister, her twin sister to raise her baby. To keep her baby safe, that little girl is your niece and right now she doesn’t have a momma what she has is you. Her wonderful Aunt Kaya, who I know is stronger than anything in this world.” Fox would look at her for a moment silent before clearing his throat and continuing his speech “You sweetie, are so strong so incredibly strong. You can’t give up now, you just can’t.”

Kaya shook her head “But I’m not. She was always the strong one, I was the older one but she was my strength. And now she’s gone. She wouldn’t let me save her. I could have done, I would have taken her injury so she could live” Kaya struggled for a moment to put her thoughts into words. “The baby has all of our family, she doesn’t need me. She has you and Mama and Papa and our Uncles. It’s better this way, I’ll just be a reminder of what everyone lost. And-and this way we can be together.” She hugged Foxy close “I love you and you will always be my brother. I wish I could stay for you.”

Fox would keep his hands plastered to his sides. He would dare hug, the girl not now not after what she just said to him. “That little one won’t have me, and god knows she won’t have your family without you. If you go then you will hurt all of them. Your Momma, your Papa, and all of your Uncles. Sweetie, how do you think they’ll feel after losing you… They will be broken, just broken.” Fox would sniffle between sentences, the tears slowly overtaking him as he tried to keep his composure. “You are so incredibly strong, you did things without her and you know it. You’re giving up because your afraid, so fucking afraid. That baby needs you not your Momma, not your Papa, and not your cunty Uncles. That baby girl, needs Kaya not anyone else. What did I teach you…” 

Fox would shake his head as he mustered the words to sway her to his side “I taught you no matter what there is always a light at the end of the tunnel…” The tears that were plaguing Fox were finally getting the best of him his voice would start to crack as he spoke now “You are failing me and god if you take your own life I could never forgive you… Fucking ever… I love you but right now you are not the Kaya I adopted. So for the love of all of what’s fucking holy you listen to me.” With his shaky hands, he would wrap them around Kaya and hold the girl close “Sweetie, I am not begging let alone am I suggesting this anymore, but for all that is fucking nice in this world you listen. You need to fucking straighten the fuck up and you need to fix your goddamn self. Before I put a chain on you and drag you around this island singing slither cunts to the world. So for fuck sake Kaya Phoenix, you have my last name so fucking act like it before I have to beat you into shape.” Fox would pull away from the hug, almost side stepping back he would place his hands on her shoulders and look her directly in her eyes “You’re a Phoenix act like one before I think you don’t love me anymore.”

 Kaya looked at him with tears still streaming down her cheeks “I do, I do love you. I just don’t know how to be me anymore. I’m not me without her. It’s always been Kaya and- Kaya and Ka- me and her.” Kaya struggled through her sobs “I can’t be me and if I can’t then why hurt you all by staying. It just hurts so much and I don’t know where to begin making it stop. I want to be here for you guys. I just don’t know how to be without her. It feels like I don’t even know how to breathe anymore.” She’d glance away, wiping her tears. “I don’t know what to do Foxy. I love you guys so much but I lost her and she’s not coming back. I’m never going to be okay again. I don’t know how to be strong or anything else that everyone seems to think I am. Because I’m not, I don’t know how to fix this. There’s nothing I can do to fix this. I don’t think there is a light at the end of this tunnel and if there is I can’t see it.”

  With his right hand he would reach forward and move Kaya’s hair behind her ear. A smile slowly beginning to appear across Fox’s lips. “Sweetie, right now this is called the time of pain. I felt the same thing when I lost my brother. Right now it hurts, but you will see her again after you get old and die naturally you’ll see her at the gates. She will be there waiting for you with open arms, but right now you need to be strong. Not just for me but for everyone around you. That baby needs you and god everyone needs to see that beautiful smile of yours.” Fox would sigh, as he locked eyes with Kaya again “So you need to straighten that stance, put on that smile, and walk in there like the girl you are and lay down the damn law. You’re a Phoenix, not some fucking pussy footed fuck wit. So darlin…” Fox would take his hands and reach up towards Kaya’s eyes. With his gun powder covered fingers, he would wipe away Kaya’s tears with a smirk. “You’re strong sis, just right now your strength is in your tears.” 

Kaya stared at him, letting his words soak in, she wanted to believe him. Kaya wanted to protect her family like she had. But she couldn’t do it, not without all of her family. She bit her lip and fiddled with her fingers as she studied Foxy. 

“Do you think… I think that with..I might...I can try. If you come as well. Could you please come to Primlum with us? I can’t stay here. Everything is still too...too much. But I can’t, not without my family. All of it.” Kaya asked softly, nervously. Foxy had so much here, he had Whiskey and Tempest and everyone here. But she hoped that maybe, just maybe he would choose her. 

Fox would cock his head, his eyes locked on hers as he studied her. Looking for a reaction of some sort, or maybe he was looking for a sign of change “Sweetie, you don’t need me. You have your Uncles and your Parents, you don’t need some shitty slinger. All I can do is shoot and farm. You don’t need me, trust me, you have so much on Prim fuck fest. I’ll be here though, so you can always write to me.” Fox would state with a smile. 
“Bullshit I don’t need you. I’ve needed you ever since that fucker took me and decided that it would be fun to torture me. Who put me back together after that? Who helped me realize that not everyone was evil? And now you think I can heal from losing my other half then you are fucking kidding yourself. I need you more than you can imagine, writing isn’t good enough. You know me better than that! I can’t believe you’re going to stay here while I’m falling apart! I need you, either I stay or you’re coming but I can’t live without you. You have to know better than that.” Kaya glared at him. “Please tell me you know better than that.”

Fox would nod as he absorbed her words “I know way better than that. However, you know you don’t need me. You know very well, that you don’t need some old soldier, that is obsessed with fire. You know that very well, that you need me less, but what are you gonna threaten to take your life without me? What will you need me to do anyway be your protector?” Fox would ask as his usual cocky tone was returning to him. 

“Do so, and if keeping me alive is what keeps you with me then yeah. That’s what I’ll do. I need you. I can’t lose more of my family. I can’t do it. I won’t be able to handle it. I know I need you. I need my brother. I can’t lose another sibling. You can protect me from myself. I may not kill myself because you won’t let me. But that doesn’t mean someone else won’t do it. Who’s to say that I won’t let them to be with her again and wait for you to join us.”

Fox would sigh, as he looked at the girl his smile only growing “Fuck, fucky, fuckdity, fuck this, fuck me, and fuck you. Fine, I’ll come goddamnit fuck. Alright, I have to gather my guns and get all my shit. Whiskey, will be pissed that we are bouncing again but he’ll live.” With a smirk, Fox would rise to his feet, dusting off his knees, and adjusting his hat. He would look down at Kaya, a smile as bright as the sun peering across his lips as he did so. With a quick motion, he would place a cigarette between his lips and light it. Pointing towards the house of Alistair “After you darlin. We have work to do.” 

Kaya hugged him tightly “Thank you Foxy. For everything.” she buried her face in his shirt for a moment before pulling him along behind her.

***Thank you to RED for writing it with me  Heart Heart ***