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Staff Recruitment Notice - Arithease - 26-10-2017

[Image: We-Want-You.png]

Hello ArkRP Players!

As always, the staff team is currently hard at work making sure this Volume of ArkRP is the best! Of course, that requires a great deal of time and effort from all of our dedicated Volunteers, and now is the time where we are looking to on-board some more great individuals from the community! 

If you are a member of the community that has been looking for a way to help out. Now is your chance! We have a number of positions open currently including a Loremaster position and a GM position. However you can apply to any you want! We keep players applications and review them all when a position needs to be filled. 

If you feel you are:
A Mature
Active Member of the community
Who possesses the skills to perform well in the position(s) you are applying for.
And has a desire to help make this community even better!

Then you should consider applying to be a volunteer with the ArkRP Staff Team

To apply you simply head up to the top bar of the site, Hit the "Extras" drop down menu. Head on over and click "Apply to Staff" Then fill out an application! 

On behalf of the staff team, we thank everyone that has, and will, apply for showing an interest in making this community the best it can be. Please note if you have applied in the past than your application is still within the system and you will also be under consideration if you applied to one of these two positions.