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{Official} Aging Update Volume 4 - Arithease - 27-09-2017

Hello ARKRP Community

The lore of our upcoming aging system change, will be revealed in our wipe event. For now, we are going to give you a game mechanic rundown on how the aging system will work. Once the updated aging system goes live after the wipe event, your character will begin to age from whatever physical age they are currently at. For example, if you are the physical age twenty five you will begin to physically get older from the age 25 each year, as all humans do IRL. This aging will be based off in game days. (It is roughly 8 in game days, per 1 IRL day.)  The knowledge you have from being alive for potentially thousands of years will slowly fade. We are leaving this fading process up to the players, we do not want to set a hard limit on what you can, and cannot remember. 

If you have any questions feel free to post them below. We will try to answer every question in a timely manner.

Loremaster Team

RE: {Official} Aging Update Volume 4 - JynxOfHearts - 27-09-2017

This might be a stupid question but i thought id ask anyways
Will we still be able to use the obelisk, after the wipe, to speed up aging.

RE: {Official} Aging Update Volume 4 - Arithease - 27-09-2017


Players will still be able to age up at the obelisks, they will not be capable of aging in reverse (Getting Younger) You will also always be passively aging up.This mean if you are 20, and decide to age to 25, you immediately continue passively aging from 25.

RE: {Official} Aging Update Volume 4 - JynxOfHearts - 27-09-2017

Thank you for the answer Ari! Took a load off my chest!